Fiber rich foods for weight loss

Add fiber to your dinner tonight with this last-minute pesto bean soup!

Why did mom always tell you to eat your vegetables? Because mom is always right! What do vegetables, beans, lentils, fruits, whole and intact grains, seeds and nuts all have in common? Fiber! We are still learning more and more every day about the power of fiber in our diet and fiber rich foods for weight loss. Its magic is seemingly endless:

  • Fiber fills you up, decreasing your overall calorie intake. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., (author of “The China Study”) and many more have published studies that demonstrate the power of fiber to facilitate weight loss.
  • It’s tied to gut health! It feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut that helps support your immunity and your metabolism.
  • Fiber binds with unhealthy cholesterol, improving overall heart health.
  • It keeps you regular!

Gimmick diets and extreme solutions always leave us standing in a puddle of failure. With a plate full of fiber, you’ll leave the table feeling full, satisfied and in control. Want to improve your health for life? Change your focus to fiber!

Add fiber to your dinner tonight with this last-minute pesto bean soup!

How much fiber do I need?

The current recommendation is for women to try to eat at least 21 to 25 grams of fiber per day, while men should aim for 30 to 38 grams per day. However, don’t be afraid to go above and beyond! Getting 40-plus grams per day? You’re a fiber super hero!

Here are some fiber amounts for reference


Serving Size


Raspberries 1 cup 8g
Pear 1 medium 5.5g
Apple, with skin 1 medium 4.5g
Broccoli, boiled 1 cup 5g
Brussels Sprouts 1 cup 4g
Potato, with skin, baked 1 medium 4g
Quinoa 1 cup 5g
Brown rice, cooked 1 cup 3.5g
Spaghetti, whole wheat 2oz 6g


Black beans, boiled 1 cup 15g
Baked beans 1 cup 10g
Chia seeds 1oz 10g
Artichoke 1 medium 6.9g
Avocado, peeled 1 medium 9.2g


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