Mary Jo Bean urges you to ‘take a chance’

Norton Healthcare celebrates Women's History Month with spotlights of women in our workforce.

Mary Jo Bean, senior vice president for planning, business analysis and strategy, has been part of the Norton Healthcare family for 20 years. Upon joining the organization, she started what has now become the planning and analytics department. Her group includes many of Norton Healthcare’s accounting, analytics, reporting, productivity and strategic planning functions. Mary Jo credits the growth of the department, and the growth of her career, to the foresight and support of our senior leaders — past and present.

“Norton Healthcare has been amazingly supportive of me and what I’ve wanted to do in the organization,” Mary Jo said. “As our needs continued to evolve and I learned more about other areas of opportunities to grow, Norton Healthcare trusted me enough to allow that growth.”

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According to Mary Jo, having the confidence of your senior leaders is important to feeling valued and appreciated; however, it is equally important to have that confidence within yourself.

“The easiest advice is to always believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to take a chance,” said Mary Jo. “It’s easy to stay in a comfortable job and do what you are good at, but the best leaders are always striving for something more.”

Mary Jo continues to look for new ways for the organization to grow and succeed, and she is mindful of supporting women co-workers along the way. Mary Jo became the executive sponsor of NPower, Norton Healthcare’s women’s employee resource group, earlier this year. Since she came on as executive sponsor, NPower partnered with Integrating Women Leaders to host Power Up, a women-focused leadership conference in February.

“I’m proud to have several amazing women on my team, many of whom are in leadership positions themselves,” said Mary Jo. “Women bring a different perspective and lens to view our business.”

Mary Jo is quick to point out opportunities should be given to everyone — no matter gender — and she recognizes the organization for doing just that.

“I think it’s important to have diversity amongst our leadership team and to look like our community and those we serve,” said Mary Jo. “I applaud the organization for recognizing the value in each person within our organization.”

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