My daily dose of joy

Cancer survivor recalls what got her through tough times

On Sept. 15, Give Local Louisville day, we shared 24 Hours of Courage on Facebook — a day highlighting the stories of courageous mothers, sons, husbands and friends who have fought or are currently fighting one of the most tragic diseases of our time — cancer.

We’re now turning these stories of courage into tales of triumph that need to be heard.

We are honored to share Carol Grossman’s story again with you, in her own words.

The day of diagnosis was pretty tough, but I think maybe the hardest thing was that my husband reacted so badly. It was like he was angry with me. And, that was just really, really hard.

The initial adjustment was also very difficult. And after I finished radiation treatment, I started on letrozole. We were traveling to Texas and apparently traveling while taking this pill was not a great idea. I was so sick and in so much pain. It was just truly, truly awful. I had to stop and spend the night some place and just went to bed — no dinner, no anything. I couldn’t handle it. But, actually that was the only day that I have truly not been able to handle the side effects.

My doctor added to my daily dose of joy. He’s a very positive, caring person. There is nothing pretentious about him. I just found him to be really supportive. I sent him one of my stories and poems, and he was so great about it. I wasn’t sure if he’d want to read it or not. It was about my experience and journey with cancer. He’s been pretty receptive to my sending him pieces of writing, which are such a big part of me. I felt brave and sent them to him, and I’m glad I did.

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