MyNortonChart helps answer your questions

Providers use MyNortonChart to communicate with patients

It’s no secret that the changing health care landscape makes tools such as MyNortonChart more important than ever. An online MyNortonChart account gives you an easy way to make health care decisions.

It also helps providers and office staff keep up with patients’ needs. Erica Briggs, receptionist at Norton Heart Specialists, is a big believer in MyNortonChart.

“MyNortonChart benefits me in different ways — at home and at work,” Erica said. “At work, I love communicating to patients about the values of MyNortonChart. I am such an advocate for the access and convenience it allows in the midst of a busy lifestyle. In my role as a receptionist, I work to inform, educate and get feedback from patients about MyNortonChart. I also help new users get started creating an account or troubleshooting issues they have.”

Whether at home or on the go, Erica is a fan of how easy it is to use MyNortonChart’s key features, especially Norton eCare.

“I just recently used eCare,” Erica said. “It was quick, easy and convenient when I needed to see a provider as soon as possible for a minor illness. The process was painless and was taken care of without me having to take off from work. I communicate my love for this feature and others to our patients.”

The advantages of MyNortonChart are valuable from a provider’s perspective as well.

“MyNortonChart allows me to answer questions at the pace I can manage throughout the day,” said James T. Jennings, M.D., family medicine physician with Norton Community Medical Associates – Brownsboro, and medical director, adult primary care, Norton Medical Group. “I generally get a specific question that I can answer quickly; it saves time on the phone, my staff’s time on the phone and the patient navigating the phone tree. The patient sends the message when it is convenient; I answer when I have the opportunity, and we can have a dialogue that is most efficient. The time saved by the patient as well as the provider creates a positive patient experience.”

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