New breast care center to open in northeastern Louisville

Comprehensive, patient-centered care for all types of benign and malignant breast health issues opening on Norton Brownsboro Hospital campus and close to Southern Indiana via new bridge.

Women who need care for all types of breast health issues will find new options in northeastern Louisville at Norton Breast Health Center on the Norton Brownsboro Hospital campus. The new center will begin seeing patients Oct. 15 and will provide comprehensive, patient-centered care and services from one convenient location.

In addition to offering fast and accurate diagnostic and screening mammograms, Norton Breast Health Center will focus on care for benign and malignant breast diseases.

Breast health specialists, surgeons and imaging specialists will be able to treat numerous breast health issues, including cancer, future cancer risk, detection of a palpable mass or lump, breast pain and skin integrity issues.

Nancy Pile, M.D., director of breast imaging, said the new center will address a wide range of concerns without the patient having to travel to multiple locations.

“We will be able to deliver individualized treatment and care tailored for each patient’s needs, with additional follow-up tests and procedures often available the same day,” Dr. Pile said.

The new center is located in Norton Medical Plaza III – Brownsboro at 4915 Norton Healthcare Blvd.

Designed to provide patients fast and convenient breast health services

The care team developed plans for the new center with a focus on providing comprehensive care beyond mammography. They sought to provide help with common concerns, such as:

  • What happens if I have a lump, skin changes, nipple discharge or other breast concern?
  • How should I be screened if I have dense breasts or have a family history of breast cancer?
  • When should I get genetic testing or counseling?

Norton Breast Health Center specialists will be able to address these issues rapidly, conveniently and comprehensively. The center will house dedicated specialists in surgical management of breast disease and genetics in one location.

The center’s advanced technology features include four 3-D tomosynthesis mammography units, breast MRI and ultrasound. Stereotactic biopsy also will be available.

Norton Healthcare specialists use stereotactic biopsy to evaluate breast irregularities, such as calcium deposits.

“This is precise technology that uses special mammography to guide the biopsy needle to the exact area of concern so a small sample can be collected for further analysis,” Dr. Pile said.

Those who face a diagnosis of cancer will have ready access to the new Norton Cancer Institute – Brownsboro on the same campus. Joseph M. Flynn, D.O., MPH, physician-in-chief, Norton Cancer Institute, described the cancer facility as offering comprehensive and advanced multidisciplinary breast cancer care.

Norton Breast Health Center

The new Norton Breast Health Center – Brownsboro provides more access to mammograms, X-rays, ultrasounds, breast MRI and other breast health services.

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The combination of the Norton Breast Health Center with the new Norton Cancer Institute – Brownsboro will offer advanced, convenient and compassionate care, Dr. Flynn said.

Norton Cancer Institute – Brownsboro opens Nov. 5, 2018. According to Dr. Flynn, patients’ needs were at the center of every facet of the centers’ design.

“These facilities set the standard by which breast care and cancer care should be measured,” he said. “Every step of care takes patients’ needs into account.”

Both facilities will operate with a “no wait” culture. This means they will strive to ensure patients are seen at the patients’ convenience. Rapid results will be provided to eliminate unnecessary waiting after tests.

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