New ways to train for the Derby Festival miniMarathon-Marathon


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The free 15-week training program offers tips, group runs and a good time where walkers and runners of all levels are welcome. Training begins on Jan. 10 at a kickoff event at the Kentucky Derby Museum.

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Based on suggestions from past participants, the Norton Sports Health Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon/Marathon Training Program is adding variety to the three-month regimen that helps more than 1,200 people prepare to walk or run on Derby week.

Last year, Stephanie Fish, Norton Sports Health training program coordinator, introduced speed work at Waggener High School in Louisville as a way to help runners train in a different way. This year, she has added more variety. Here are some new opportunities for walkers and runners in training:

  1. Social opportunities. This year’s program will include opportunities to socialize after group runs. All are invited to enjoy fellowship with the group.
  2. New training routes. A change of scenery keeps things interesting. Stephanie has incorporated new locations and routes for 2019. The routes are always subject to change due to traffic, weather and other events.
  3. Yoga. Yoga can improve certain aspects of training. Stephanie, a certified yoga instructor, will offer opportunities for training participants to join her in yoga practice.

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