Norton Healthcare employees write their own success story

Success is a journey, not a destination. Never give up. Dream big. Sometimes these are more than a cliché. One Norton Healthcare employee put those words into action and changed her life.

There’s no shortage of clichés about success: Success is a journey, not a destination. Never give up. Dream big. For employees like Deanna Polsgrove, practice manager, Norton Infectious Disease Specialists, the success of Norton Healthcare’s Office of Workforce Development program is no cliché. It truly is a life-changing opportunity.

“This is an incredible program and incentive to build a career you can be proud of,” Polsgrove said. “I’m happy to share my story with anyone who might think their goals are unreachable.”

Polsgrove joined Norton Healthcare in January 2004 as a medical records clerk with what is now Norton Medical Group.

Over the next few years, as Polsgrove moved up through various administrative positions, she decided she wanted to work more directly with patients. In 2006, she used on-the-job training and her knowledge of anatomy as a licensed massage therapist to become a medical assistant, while still helping with operational duties.

Even before starting the management journey that led to her recent promotion to practice manager, Polsgrove enjoyed taking Norton University classes (a favorite was American Sign Language). In 2007, with support from Workforce Development, she returned to school to earn a nursing degree.

Later, she reassessed her goals and switched her focus to health care management. In 2013, she earned a bachelor’s degree in health administration and became the first in her family to graduate from college.

“The day I walked for graduation was my mother’s birthday. It was an amazing gift for both of us,” Polsgrove said.

As a single mom, Polsgrove values the financial security her education provides, plus the example it sets for her daughter, Kaylee.

“I want her to know it’s important to work for your goals.”

Christy Ralston, director, Workforce Development, calls career development a defining characteristic of our organizational values. While Workforce Development mentors, supports, and helps eliminate barriers, she said it’s the employees who make it all happen.

“We don’t do it. Our employees do it. They’re the true success stories,” Ralston said. “We help each person based on where they are and develop an individualized career plan to meet their goals.”

Norton Healthcare offers an array of career development programs, educational assistance and support. In time, Polsgrove hopes to look at additional training opportunities, and perhaps go back to school again.

“You’re never too old to work on something that’s worth doing,” she said.

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