Patients and family members improving health care

Patient and family advisory council members help develop programs, processes and policies that help support patient- and family-centered care.

For people looking to make a difference in the lives of others — as well as themselves — patient and family advisory councils (PFACs) are taking health systems across the country by storm. PFACs provide a platform to not only get involved with your health but champion the health care resources available to our community.

“PFACs are important to Norton Healthcare’s mission as we continue our work to improve patients’ experiences,” said Mendy Goonan, director of patient experience for Norton Medical Group. Mendy leads the PFAC for Norton Healthcare’s physician practices and has seen how the voice of patients can make a difference.

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Norton Healthcare hospitals, Norton Cancer Institute and Norton Medical Group (physician practices) have PFACs.

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“Our patients are the heart of our business. Hearing from them allows Norton Healthcare to align our business strategies to better meet the needs of our patients,” Mendy said.

Any patient or family member can join a PFAC. Members take active roles in the development of facility- and system-specific programs, processes and policies that help support patient- and family-centered care.

“Participating on the PFAC gives me a feeling of empowerment and hopefully contributes to the overall well-being of our health care community,” said Bill Stanford, member of the Norton Medical Group PFAC.

“I’d rather see myself as a contributor to the health care community than merely a consumer of medical services.”

Norton Healthcare plans to launch a virtual PFAC later this year, allowing members across the Norton Healthcare system to connect on important initiatives while offering another convenient social engagement tool between staff and patients.

“We want to meet patients where they are to better understand what they need in their health care provider,” said Sam Hall, program coordinator, employee experience, Norton Healthcare. “The virtual PFAC will help make those important connections to build better relationships with our patients.”

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