Survival guide for being human

All it takes is a little bit of love and a whole lot of guts. Meet an amazing woman who can show you how.

Allison Massari is Norton Healthcare’s next Go Confidently speaker, and she has an incredible survival story.

Though she lived a full life before 1998, that’s when her story of truly living begins. That’s the day she survived being trapped in a burning car following an accident — the catalyst for beginning her journey to mastering life.

Her long and excruciating recovery from severe burns and other serious injuries turned into a blur of ceaseless pain. Massari found it hard to find any joy or meaning in life. Not satisfied with living like that, she realized she could still find happiness amid pain — if she set her mind to it.

“I embraced the idea that joy and pain can exist side by side,” Massari said. “Happiness is possible in the midst of suffering, and knowing that is the foundation for building a peaceful life.”

As Massari grew into this notion, she embraced other ideas that she called her “secrets to mastering life.” They make up a survival guide of sorts — a survival guide for being human.

Today Massari shares her story and those secrets as a motivational speaker and life coach. No matter what type of pain or suffering one is experiencing — whether physical, emotional or spiritual — her message resonates.

“There comes a point when we can learn to feel good, even if we are struggling,” she said. “Our happiness is born from our ability to see all that is beautiful and good.”

She asks us to empower ourselves when faced with a challenge by asking, “What if I could be happy anyway?”

Sometimes in life there is no break. You must dig deep and survive it.

Bring a friend to the next Go Confidently event with Allison Massari and discover your courage and tenacity to have a more empowered life.

Thursday, June 30
6 to 8 p.m.
The Olmsted

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