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Taper training before race day

Slow down now for a better race on Saturday

If you are running the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon or Marathon on April 29, now is the time to start thinking about tapering. Part of most training plans, tapering gives your body time to rest, refuel and recover so you can be race ready. During tapering, mileage is reduced and rest days increased.

Here are some points to remember to optimize your recovery period:

  1. You will not lose performance. Your taper week should incorporate shorter runs designed to let your body rest and recover from a tough training season. Don’t worry about losing speed or condition during this week. You’ve put in the hard work. Now is the time to focus on the finish line.
  2. Plan for your race. Start visualizing how your race day will go. Iron out the kinks in your nutrition plan and what you are going to wear on race day. This is not the time to start trying new things.
  3. Fuel your body. Don’t slash calories this week because you are less active. Your body needs healthy fuel such as protein and carbohydrates.

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