The second trimester lull

I’m on cruise control now! Oh, wait. Was that bump in the road? And where’s the next exit? I have to pee! Read the next installment of Megan’s pregnancy journey.

Ahh, I love what I call the second trimester lull. After announcing the news of your pregnancy to friends and family, and getting over the first trimester discomfort, you can bask in the calm and relative comfort of the second trimester — and that lull is so needed. You don’t feel ginormous just yet, you don’t have the madness of baby showers and registering, you can leisurely work on the nursery, and you can keep a somewhat regular schedule.

Lots of people go on the illustrious “babymoon” during this time. We did that with No. 1 — it was beautiful and relaxing. But let’s get real … I don’t have time for that this time around.

Like most families with two young children, our schedule is still crazy with our demanding jobs and extracurricular activities. But I am so excited to get back to our “normal” for a couple of months. If you’re in your second trimester, you’re likely going to your prenatal doctor visits only once per month, so medical needs during the second trimester are pretty manageable even for the busiest of families. Oh, but the excitement of the 20-week anatomy appointment! During this pretty uneventful time of your pregnancy, the 20-week ultrasound is so exciting. This is when you find out if you are having a boy or a girl — at least it used to be before they had a fancy blood test that can tell you at 10 weeks (but it costs a fortune if your insurance won’t pay for it, like mine).

We decided early on that baby No. 3 would be a surprise, so the 20-week visit was a little less exciting in that regard. It was still so great to see our baby on the screen moving about and we were able to check off all the boxes for proper development. And while no gender reveal party was in our cards, we got plenty of precious pics of our baby and peace of mind that he/she is developing normally.

Now that we are past the 20-week mark, I have always felt like the remaining 20 weeks of pregnancy just crawl by. I know growing a baby takes time, but this time around especially, I am getting very antsy to meet our little one. I am going to try to cherish and love every single bit of the remainder of this pregnancy since it’s my last, but ultimately, I just want to hold my baby and can’t wait to meet him or her!

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