Tushar Nayar, M.D., goes above and beyond to facilitate organ donation

Tushar Nayar, M.D., a hospitalist at Norton Brownsboro Hospital, stepped up to support organ donation and the wishes of a patient who was a registered donor.

Tushar Nayar, M.D., volunteered to come to the Norton Brownsboro Hospital operating room late one April night during his week off and worked longer than necessary to care for a patient and their family, all to help a group of people he would never meet.

Dr. Nayar stepped up when a hospitalist was needed on short notice to begin the organ donation process for a patient who was a registered donor. Without Dr. Nayar’s involvement, the process may have not been able to continue.

This was not the first time Dr. Nayar went above and beyond as a patient was prepared for organ donation. In a separate case, he remained in the operating room longer than required, providing emotional support to the patient’s family and ensuring they had a meaningful parting. He encouraged them to hold the young woman’s hand, stroke her hair and express their love to her one last time.

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Dr. Nayar ardently supports organ donation and took special care in both cases to fulfill the patients’ wishes of donating organs that would give others the chance to live. Because of low organ availability, 20 people in the United States die every day while waiting for an organ transplant.

“Organ donation is very difficult in the United States, and so to have the opportunity where someone can provide another with the chance to live is very important,” Dr. Nayar said. “I thought these cases were excellent opportunities to help out several people at the same time.”

From the two cases Dr. Nayar handled, five people received lifesaving organ transplants.

For setting the standard for quality and caring, even when the organ recipients who benefited from his compassion and professionalism would not know about his role in their improved quality of life, Norton Healthcare in October 2019 conferred the Good Samaritan Award to Dr. Nayar.

The Good Samaritan Award honors The Rev. John N. Norton, whose name Norton Healthcare carries and who became recognized as a good Samaritan because of his dedicated, selfless service to individuals in our community. This honor is given to employees who go above and beyond the call of duty by performing extraordinary acts of service for others. It represents the pinnacle of recognition for service excellence at Norton Healthcare.

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