We have your no-fail solution to your New Year’s resolution

Think you can’t run a half or full marathon? Think again.

Each year, scores of people make New Year’s resolutions to get healthier.

If you are focused on getting healthier through fitness in 2019, consider completing a road race, such as a half-marathon. Norton Healthcare has a no-fail solution to this New Year’s resolution. Here’s how to get started:

Pick a goal race. The Kentucky Derby miniMarathon is a great race for beginners and elite runners alike. The April 27 race date gives you ample time to train. Its flat course makes it easier on the legs, and the loop through Churchill Downs adds excitement.

Check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to complete the race. Your health provider should be your first stop before starting any new fitness regime.

Sign up for a training plan. Norton Sports Health offers a 15-week training program for the mini and full marathon distances. The program is run by trained coaches, and Norton Sports Health physicians are available should you hit an obstacle in your training.

“Training plans help to pace you through the three-month training season,” said Stephanie Fish, training program coordinator, Norton Sports Health. “Our plan incorporates cross-training and rest days to maximize recovery and push you toward peak physical condition come April.”

Find a buddy. No matter how good your intentions are, you may lose motivation through the snowy winter months. A training partner provides accountability as well as company as you hit the road for those long runs.

Treat yourself! Find something that will motivate you to complete the race — whether it’s losing weight, lowering blood pressure or treating yourself to a massage or steak dinner.

“Even if you’ve never run before, you can complete the miniMarathon,” Fish said. “The training program has options for all levels of walkers and runners. It’s an accomplishment that you’ll feel proud about for years to come.”

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