Convenient colon screenings on weekends

Schedule a colon screening on a Saturday.

Kentucky has the highest rate of colon cancer in the nation. Yet one-third of adults are not getting screened as recommended. Norton Healthcare is taking steps to address a big barrier that keeps many people from getting a colonoscopy. For the past two years, Norton Healthcare has offered Saturday hours once per month for colonoscopy appointments.

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A report from the American Cancer Society identifies taking time off from work as a common reason why many individuals do not get a colonoscopy. People reported they are generally aware it’s important to get screened for colon cancer, and they know catching it early increases survival rates. Yet for many, taking time off on a weekday is difficult. This is especially true for those who earn hourly wages, when time off from work often means lost pay.

Add to this another challenge: Someone needs to drive you home from a colonoscopy. Therefore, that person may face the same scheduling issues.

Norton Healthcare wants to make things more convenient for you to be healthy.

Saturday colonoscopy appointments are available at Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital, 4001 Dutchmans Lane in St. Matthews.

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