Construction update: Laying the foundation for future Norton West Louisville Hospital

Crews have begun the next phase of the Norton West Louisville Hospital construction by pouring concrete on the site at 28th Street and Broadway.

The vision of a hospital west of Ninth Street is now becoming a reality. Crews have begun the next phase of the construction by pouring concrete on the site at 28th Street and Broadway. This is the beginning of laying the foundation for Norton West Louisville Hospital.

“We’re trying to knock down every barrier we possibly can for people to access health care,” said Russell F. Cox, president and CEO, Norton Healthcare. “We want to make this an easy place to get to and a much easier place to navigate and take advantage of needed services.”

Eventually there will be 970 yards of concrete on this corner lot that will be a shared space. The Norton Healthcare Goodwill Opportunity Campus will offer a variety of services through both the hospital and Goodwill Industries of Kentucky.

Norton West Louisville Hospital will provide primary care offices, an emergency department, inpatient care and outpatient services. Diagnostic imaging also will be available, along with specialty care. The hospital will feature a retail pharmacy and a community room.

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“As an organization, Norton Healthcare is very intentional about providing access to quality medical treatment and services by eliminating obstacles so all residents can live a healthy and prosperous life,” Russ said. “Not only are we excited to be offering quality health care, we are excited to be bringing roughly 100 news jobs to the community.”

In November 2022, Cox introduced Corenza Townsend as chief administrative officer for Norton West Louisville Hospital, the first hospital to be built west of Ninth Street in more than 150 years.

“Five years ago, two Norton Healthcare employees came to me with an idea of creating a community event with the dream of one day building a hospital in West Louisville. They helped to spark a vision that we knew could be transformative for the community. One of those employees who came forward that day was Corenza Townsend,” Russ said. “She encompasses all that we were looking for in a leader for Norton West Louisville Hospital. Corenza lives her life with compassion, determination and a desire to help others, and we know she’ll bring that enthusiasm to this new hospital each day.”

Throughout 2022, surveys and meetings took place to gather feedback on what the community wanted in their hospital, and that listening has not stopped.

“We’ve got a great idea of what the hospital is going to look like, but we want to make certain that we are doing things in a new way, and not just building a new hospital doing things the way we’ve always done them,” Russ said.

After the concrete is poured at the hospital site, crews will begin erecting steel this summer. The facility is expected to open in 2024.

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