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If you are age 45 to 75, it might be time for a colon cancer screening. People at higher risk for colorectal cancer should talk with their doctor about whether starting screening earlier might be right for them.

Norton Healthcare offers:

  • Colonoscopy: A thin tube with a camera is inserted into the colon to look for abnormalities. This is a test that is done by a doctor in a hospital or clinic setting, and requires cleansing of the colon so that any polyps or other issues in the colon are seen more easily.
  • Fecal immunochemical test (FIT): Stool is collected and sent to a lab to look for blood. This is a test that can be completed at home, but only looks for blood in the stool. The sample is collected by the patient and mailed to the lab. It cannot detect polyps or other issues in the colon. If blood is detected, a colonoscopy will need to be done to determine the source of the bleeding.
  • Cologuard: Stool is collected and sent to a lab to look for DNA changes and hidden blood. This is a test that is done at home with the sample collected by the patient and sent to the lab for testing. It cannot detect polyps or other issues in the colon. If results are positive, a colonoscopy will be needed to determine if there are any concerns.

Getting a colon cancer screening or colonoscopy is the best way to prevent colon cancer. When caught early, colon cancer is highly treatable. If a polyp is found during your colonoscopy, it can be removed right away.

Most insurance plans, including Medicare, cover all or most of the cost of a colon cancer screening. Check with your insurance provider before scheduling to understand any costs you may have.

Preparing for a colonoscopy has gotten easier in recent years. You may not need to take off the day before for your prep. That will depend on your doctor’s prescription. You will have to take off a day for the colonoscopy itself. Usually you can go back to your routine schedule the next day. If taking time off is difficult, Saturday appointments may be available.

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