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MyNortonChart is experiencing heavy demand

We’re sorry. MyNortonChart is currently having difficulty

Thank you for using MyNortonChart. Because of heavy demand, normal access to your electronic medical records, scheduling and other functions may be delayed or temporarily unavailable.

High numbers of people scheduling their COVID-19 vaccinations through MyNortonChart are causing difficulties connecting. Demand for the service fluctuates, so please try later.

The current situation does not affect the security of your medical records. Encrypted connections and other security steps are in place to prevent unwarranted intrusions.

MyNortonChart is not for emergency or urgent situations. If your condition is serious or urgent, call your doctor, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.

Open leg fractures like Tiger Woods’ can take months to heal

A broken leg like that suffered by Tiger Woods in his recent automobile crash can take several months to heal — and possibly longer since the compound fracture was in the lower leg and involved […]

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Vaccine brings hope for health care professionals

If you’re skeptical about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, here is something that might change your mind: It’s working. Health care employees, the first group in Kentucky to receive the vaccine, are starting to see the […]

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Military training helped chief nursing officer learn leadership, adaptability

Regina Hymer, DNP, R.N., CENP, came from a military family and proudly followed her father and sister into service. Regina wasn’t really sure what her calling was until she enlisted to become a medic in […]

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Multiple sclerosis education videos available to stream

The Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center has made a series of multiple sclerosis videos available through the Norton Healthcare YouTube channel. These videos include highlights from the recent Neuroscience Expo that offered insights and information […]

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Riding for kids with cancer and a coworker in Bike to Beat Cancer

Almost every morning for the past two years Veronica Cook has hopped on her stationary bike and ridden for an hour. In 2019 and 2020, Veronica used her pedal power to ride with Bike to […]

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