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Dense breasts: What they mean for you and your mammogram choices

Breasts are pretty complicated. Large or small, they all are made up of lobules, ducts, fatty tissue and fibrous connective tissue. And some are denser than others, meaning they have more fibrous tissue and less fatty tissue. “Breast density is very common and not abnormal,” said Michele Myers, diagnostic imaging manager at Norton Women’s &…

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3D mammograms can mean fewer unnecessary callbacks and less anxiety

Dense breast tissue can make it hard to find cancers on mammograms because dense tissue and cancers both look white on a mammogram. By comparison, fatty tissue looks dark. In Kentucky, physicians are required to tell women if they have dense breast tissue. Whether a woman needs to consider additional screening options depends on her…

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Q&A with breast health patient navigator Missy Ulfe

Missy Ulfe, R.N., is a breast health patient navigator with Norton Cancer Institute. The breast health patient navigator program is staffed by nurses who are available to help ease stress and offer emotional support for the entire family. Missy discusses her work with breast cancer patients and what motivates her each day. What is a…

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It’s not too late to get your mammogram!

Getting an annual screening mammogram is not exactly something most women look forward to. Do you know anyone who actually celebrates it? There’s a good reason you shouldn’t put it off: Breast cancer affects one in eight women every year, including millennials. Many insurance companies and employee health plans allow a screening mammogram every year. If you’re…

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