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Louisville woman recounts her breast cancer surgery from small lump to fast and compassionate care

Finding a lump in her breast was something Heather Kleisner didn’t have time for in her busy life. But when she did, the meetings, conference calls and event planning on her calendar quickly changed to doctor appointments, surgery and a treatment plan. Heather had experienced this once before. A small lump discovered in 2015 during…

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What are the signs of high blood pressure in women?

Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of blood vessels. High blood pressure, or hypertension, makes the heart work harder than normal. Left untreated it can scar and damage the blood vessels, and can lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, eye damage and other dangerous conditions. Of the total adults…

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How to prevent cervical cancer

Cervical cancer often can be prevented through regular screenings and vaccinations for children and young adults. According to the American Cancer Society, about 14,100 new cases of cervical cancer were diagnosed in 2022. Ways to help prevent cervical cancer The best steps that can be taken to prevent cervical cancer include the following: Vaccinations (the…

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What to do if you find a lump in your breast

Finding a lump in your breast can be scary, and it’s easy to think of the worst-case scenario: cancer. However, the American Cancer Society notes that breast lumps are relatively common, and most are not cancerous. Regardless, do not hesitate to call your health care provider if you notice something is off. A lump may…

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What age should I start getting a Pap smear?

Many young patients have questions about Pap smears and pelvic exams. When is it time to start getting a Pap smear? Here’s what to expect, why an OB/GYN visit is important and how often you should have one. Gynecologists recommend a Pap smear starting at age 21. What is a Pap smear test? A Pap…

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She went into preterm labor at 20 weeks, but a risky procedure saved the baby’s life

What started as an exciting moment turned into panic for first-time parents Faith and Jake Pugh. The couple couldn’t wait for their baby’s gender reveal at their 20-week ultrasound, but once their appointment started, they quickly learned that something was very wrong. “We found out I was in preterm labor,” Faith said. The OB/GYN “gave…

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Norton Women’s Care only in Kentucky ranked ‘High Performing’ from U.S. News & World Report

Norton Women’s Care, with childbirth services at Norton Hospital and Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital, has been recognized as High Performing in Adult Maternity Care (Uncomplicated Pregnancy) by U.S. News & World Report, the highest award a hospital can earn in the U.S. News list of Best Hospitals for Maternity Care. This is the second…

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Painful periods? It could be dysmenorrhea

What is dysmenorrhea? Dysmenorrhea is another term for pain associated with the menstrual period, also known as period pain. It often involves period cramps that can be felt in the lower abdomen and/or lower back. “Many women experience menstrual cramps for a couple of days during each cycle — but not all pain is normal,”…

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How to avoid menopause weight gain

Weight gain often happens as people age, and for many, it becomes especially noticeable around the time of menopause. “Even though menopause weight gain is common, it can still be prevented,” said Rosemary C. Sousa, M.D., OB/GYN with Norton Women’s Care. “For example, implementing healthy lifestyle habits, such as diet and exercise, can go a…

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Can you get a Pap smear or pelvic exam on your period?

Can you get a Pap smear or pelvic exam on your period? The answer is yes! If you’ve scheduled an appointment with your gynecologist and you’re on your period, there is no need to cancel the appointment. Normal vaginal bleeding should not get in the way of a Pap smear or pelvic exam. “An OB/GYN…

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Mother and daughter’s pillows provide unique comfort to breast cancer patients

Four years ago, Sara Westerman was diagnosed with breast cancer. She chose treatment that included a double mastectomy with reconstruction. While preparing for surgery, Sara discovered pillows designed for patients who have this surgery. Sara’s mom, Betty, is a retired home economics teacher and promptly created a version of the pillow for her daughter’s recovery….

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Breast cancer ‘thriver’ offers practical comfort to other patients

Rhonda Cash calls herself a breast cancer “thriver.” She practices self-care by giving back to her community and shares comforting gifts with cancer patients going through treatment. “I want other cancer patients to be as blessed as I am. I want them to have that little something special that they can use more than once,”…

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