Phone Numbers

Zora Pyevac, System director, Labs
(502) 629-7857

Al Martin, M.D., Medical director, CPA Lab
(502) 736-4351

Suresh Das, M.D., Director, Laboratory Services
(502) 736-4375

Dianne Rowan, Director, Finance
(502) 736-4342

Jeffrey Whitesel, Manager, Clinical Lab
(502) 736-4376

Lisa Wilder, Manager, Cytology
(502) 736-4345

April West, Manager, CPA Facilities and courier manager
(502) 736-4343

Lou Ann Eskildsen, Manager, Flow/Cytometry Lab
(502) 736-4386

Shanna Pollock, Director, Pathology
(502) 893-1053

CPA Lab Greene Way location

Billing Department
(502) 897-9594, option 1

Client Services Department
(502) 736-4371

Clinical Processing
(502) 736-4395

 CPA Lab Phlebotomy Services location

4123 Dutchmans Lane, 3 – St. Matthews, Suite 511
(502) 899-6527

Cytology Processing Department
(502) 736-4396

Rebecca Ball, Lead Cytologist
(502) 897-9594

Flow Cytometry on call
(502) 235-6928

Histology Department
(502) 736-4390

Immunohistochemistry Department
(502) 716-5584

Sheron Lear, Cytometry research and development specialist
(502) 736-4394


Robin Bideau, M.D.
(502) 893-1042

Rebecca Christensen, M.D.
(502) 736-4353

Emma Coronel, M.D.
(502) 446-8074

Alexandra Gerassimides, M.D.
(502) 893-1039

Cyrus Ghazi, M.D.
(502) 893-1062

Linda Korfhage, M.D.
(502) 636-7588

George Kunz, M.D.
(502) 629-7877

Grace Moore, M.D.
(502) 636-8776

Michael Nowacki, M.D.
(502) 629-7881

Dennis O’Connor, M.D.
(502) 893-1037

Elpidio Pena, M.D.
(502) 629-3311

John Powers, M.D.
(502) 893-1043

Bennie Slucher, M.D.
(502) 893-1036

Sameer Talwalker, M.D.
(502) 736-4354

John D. Williamson, M.D.
(502) 629-7882 

Lisa Wills-Frank, M.D.
(502) 636-7691

Chris Alan Wunderlich, M.D.
(502) 629-7874

The baby boomer-hepatitis C connection

Baby boomers are five times more likely to have a hepatitis C infection, because they may have been exposed to the virus before precautions were taken with medical equipment and blood supply screening. Hepatitis C […]

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Norton Healthcare’s Kempf named to national CFOs to know list

Becker’s Healthcare has recognized Adam D. Kempf, Norton Healthcare senior vice president and chief financial officer, as one of the 106 hospital and health system CFOs to know in the nation. Those on the list play an integral […]

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Dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke symptoms and what to do

We are seeing record high temperatures in Greater Louisville already this spring. These early hot days mean you can get caught off guard by heat-related illnesses, such as dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat [...]

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Veterans can get urgent care with Norton Healthcare under VA Mission Act

Under the VA Mission Act of 2018, eligible U.S. veterans now are able to get treatment for minor injuries and illnesses such as colds, sore throats and minor skin infections at urgent care clinics through […]

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Patient navigator Karen Allen educates patients and learns from them too

Karen Allen, R.N., oncology patient navigator for Norton Cancer Institute, sees the patient navigator role as a “bridge across the canyon of uncertainty” for patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer. “I imagine my family […]

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