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Address: 9880 Angies Way, Suite 250
Louisville, KY 40241

Main Phone: 502-394-6341

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Norton Prompt Care at Walgreens offering at-home colon cancer tests

While a colonoscopy is the best way to find and treat colon cancer or emerging signs of the condition, many  people have fallen behind on getting their screenings this year. An at-home colon cancer test […]

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Thousands of Top U.S. Hospitals Encourage Everyone to #MaskUp

100 of the nation’s top health care systems, representing thousands of hospitals in communities across the U.S., have come together with an urgent plea for all Americans – mask up, because wearing a facemask is […]

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Can antibiotics make you sick?

Antibiotics are lifesaving drugs that fight bacterial infections, but can antibiotics make you sick? Reactions from antibiotics account for 20% of medication-related emergency room visits, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). […]

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It’s not too late to get a flu shot before the holidays

Between kids taking classes from home, and work and other routines upended, it’s easy — but unwise — to put off getting a flu shot this year. The holidays are approaching and will create more [...]

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Need to quarantine? Here are some ways to keep everyone at home safer

Since cold weather means it may be difficult to spend much time outside, truly isolating in the same household with someone who is quarantining may be unrealistic. Here is some guidance on how to stay […]

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