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The flu virus is the holiday guest who stays for a couple days

The flu virus can live on surfaces like doorknobs and tables — and potentially infect people — for 48 hours, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With flu making its way […]

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4 Kentucky flu-related deaths; flu activity raised to highest level

Kentucky health officials on Friday reported four flu-related deaths and elevated the state’s flu activity level to “widespread” because of outbreaks in at least half the state’s regions. State health officials also reported 1,622 flu [...]

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Hospital security guard-turned-patient gets lifesaving stroke treatment

John Fremow was put on this earth to protect and serve. The retired National Guardsman and corrections officer now provides security for Norton Brownsboro Hospital. He’s often called to the emergency department to prevent interruptions […]

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Sleep deprivation effects range from foggy headedness to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s

Know that “foggy” feeling you get after a night of little or poor sleep? It’s more than just a sensation. The lack of shut-eye is likely impacting your brain’s ability to function. “Sleep is incredibly […]

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Patient navigator has had passion for oncology since nursing school

Rhonda Walker, R.N., patient navigator with Norton Cancer Institute, has had a passion for working with patients with cancer since she attended nursing school. “The changes and advancements I have seen in oncology care are […]

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