How community health screenings save lives

Maricela Lauriano-Navarrete's success story is just one of many made possible through mobile screenings.

In December 2014 Maricela Lauriano-Navarrete stepped onto the Norton Healthcare Mobile Prevention Center that was parked in her neighborhood for an annual wellness check. Within just a few short weeks, she learned she had breast cancer.

Lauriano-Navarrete had been getting health screenings on the mobile unit for three years. This time, it was a lifesaver. Through a translator, she shared her story:

“I had no insurance and am not able to drive. I wasn’t able to get to other locations where the services are provided,” Lauriano-Navarrete said. “I had seen the mobile prevention unit and had been before for a wellness visit.”

Since Lauriano-Navarrete only speaks Spanish, it also helped that the mobile unit is staffed with two certified medical interpreters.

“Just a few days after my annual visit, they called me to come back for a follow-up,” Lauriano-Navarrete said. “The interpreters were encouraging me to come back, saying they needed to do a follow-up mammogram.”

By January 2015, Lauriano-Navarrete was in treatment for breast cancer. She underwent two surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. During her treatment, she was connected to the Norton Healthcare financial assistance program as well as grant funding to help cover her bills.

Now cancer-free, Lauriano-Navarrete still visits the Mobile Prevention Center for annual wellness checks.

“Thanks to God, the doctors, nurses and the Prevention & Wellness (team), I am cured,” Lauriano-Navarrete said. “I recommend all of my friends to go get checked and to have their annual mammograms on the mobile unit.”

She is just one of many success stories made possible through mobile screenings available to community members who desire better health but do not have access to health services.

“Underserved and uninsured individuals are throughout our community and many face barriers to receiving quality health care,” said Krista MacArthur, clinical manager of Norton Healthcare Prevention & Wellness. “We want to improve the lives of the community by removing these barriers through improved access to testing and medical care.”

The Mobile Prevention Center travels to convenient locations throughout the Louisville area. In addition, the Prevention & Wellness team can be found at area grocery stores, community festivals and other neighborhood establishments.

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