Computer-guided knee replacement surgery isn’t science fiction, it’s fact

The computer-guided CORI Surgical System offers what can be a smoother, easier surgery experience for patients in the area.

Advances in computer-guided and robotic-assisted joint replacement procedures have greatly improved the precision of the surgeon’s work, speeding recovery and reducing time in the hospital. An innovative tool at Norton Orthopedic Institute provides exact computer-assisted guidance that can offer a smoother surgery.

Computer-guided knee replacement

“The CORI Surgical System uses computer-assisted technology to help precisely tailor knee replacement procedures to the unique shape and motion of each patient’s knee anatomy,” said Cyna Khalily, M.D., orthopedic surgeon with Norton Orthopedic Institute.

Dr. Khalily is experienced in robotic- and computer-assisted surgery. He was the first in the world to perform a Food and Drug Administration-approved cementless total knee replacement with the CORI system.

Norton Orthopedic Institute

We provide joint replacements that allow many patients to go home the same day.

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Leading-edge joint replacement tool

In traditional joint replacements, tools that guide surgeons in the placement of the implant are designed with typical anatomy in mind. Sensors attached to the CORI system allow surgeons to detect the exact, unique anatomy of the patient.

Other benefits of the CORI system include:

  • 3D digital modeling for a surgical plan customized to the patient’s unique anatomy
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy versus traditional knee replacement surgery

Precision allows for a smoother knee replacement procedure

“We want precision, but in the case of orthopedic implants, proper alignment of the new joint is crucial to the success and longevity of the implant,” Dr. Khalily said. “The implant needs to line up perfectly with the patient’s body alignment and move fluidly. A properly aligned joint fits within the patient’s anatomy and makes the implant feel like a more natural joint.”

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