Driven by science, Dr. Grewal finds his true passion caring for patients

Planning to spend his life developing drugs to fight cancer, Dr. Grewal returned to patient care instead.

Apart from his thirst for science and knowledge, Jaspreet Grewal, M.D., Ph.D., a hematologist and medical oncologist with Norton Cancer Institute, is passionate about patient care.

“Taking care of patients is an extremely satisfying experience. Patients come to you with a lot of hope and trust, which no other profession can provide. As an oncologist, you can make a difference in patients’ and their family members lives,” Dr. Grewal said.

After earning his medical degree, Dr. Grewal completed residency training in internal medicine and fellowship training in hematology and medical oncology. In addition, he holds a master’s degree in public health, a Master of Science degree in clinical laboratory science and a doctorate in tumor immunology.

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From cancer-fighting drugs to patient care

After completing his fellowship training and his doctorate in tumor immunology, Dr. Grewal took a job with a pharmaceutical company in Boston. His plan was to spend his life developing drugs to fight cancer.

“However, just a couple of weeks into the job, I realized I missed taking care of patients,” Dr. Grewal said. “That was a real eye-opener for me. Even though I’m driven by science, coming back to patient care was something I needed to do.”

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Finding a home at Norton Healthcare in Louisville

Moving to Louisville was a homecoming of sorts for Dr. Grewal. He spent five years at the University of Louisville completing his fellowship training and earning his doctorate.

Dr. Grewal’s wife, Preetkanwal, is also a physician with Norton Healthcare. She is a geriatrician at nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.

“We really felt that Louisville was the right fit for us,” Dr. Grewal said. “Not only is Louisville a livable city, people here are very personable and bond with each other.”

Dr. Grewal said he wanted to work at Norton Healthcare because of the focus on patients.

“We don’t forget who we work for and what we work for — patients,” he said. “I am certain that this is where I belong, and I look forward to offering my patients the best treatment options and clinical trials.”

Dr. Grewal sees patients with any type of cancer or blood disorder and focuses on gastrointestinal (esophageal; gastric; small and large bowel; pancreatic; liver and biliary tract cancers), head and neck cancers, melanoma and other skin cancers.

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