Quality of life improvements after weight-loss surgery

Quality of life improvements after weight-loss surgery

Quality of life after gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery can improve significantly and be long-lasting, according to studies of patients before and after weight-loss surgery.

In questionnaires filled out before surgery, six months after and 24 months after, patients reported significantly better quality of life after gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. The study also found significant improvements in body image and self-efficacy – a psychological measure of believing in yourself.

Bariatric surgery also has been shown to improve patients’ sex lives.

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“In one study, women who underwent either a sleeve gastrectomy or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass reported an increase in desire and improved sexual activity after surgery,” said Jeff W. Allen, M.D., director, bariatric surgery, Norton Weight Management Services, and a general, bariatric and laparoscopic surgeon with Norton Surgical Specialists. “They also experienced a decrease in urinary incontinence and an overall improvement in quality of life.”

Losing weight and improving obesity-related conditions such as Type 2 diabetes also contribute to improved quality of life after weight-loss surgery, according to another study. Diabetes remission is achieved at a much higher rate through bariatric surgery than any nonsurgical intervention, according to Dr. Allen.

“In other words, while bariatric surgery is not the sole existing therapy for (Type 2 diabetes), it is by far the most effective available ‘curative’ option,” the study concluded. Other conditions that could be relieved with bariatric surgery include hypertension and sleep apnea. Lung function and functional capacity also are increased.

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