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In many ways my husband is your typical male patient. He hates going to the doctor, thinks getting blood taken is slightly more frightening than having a root canal, and every spring and fall he suffers through allergies and bronchitis instead of getting treatment for them. What isn’t typical about him is that he has cancer.

His MyNortonChart account reads like a novel — he has over 100 test results and half a dozen upcoming appointments with various specialists. He will only go to the doctor for things pertaining to his cancer care — he doesn’t want to spend any more of his time in medical offices than absolutely necessary. And I don’t blame him.

What is now an option for his nonurgent care is Norton eCare. He can use Norton eCare for allergies, flu symptoms or bronchitis without leaving home or work through an eVisit or video visit within MyNortonChart.

And the best part is the care is provided by a nurse practitioner who knows his health history because she pulls up his MyNortonChart account as they speak. This eases my worries!

Now when he’s going on week three of a nasty cough, I can get him seen by a health care provider without him feeling like he has to go to another doctor’s office. And I have peace of mind knowing that the provider diagnosing him has a full picture of his health.


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