Norton Healthcare surgeons dominate arm and hand surgery portion of Louisville Magazine’s ‘Top Surgeons’ survey

Norton Louisville Arm & Hand physicians took all five spots in the hand surgery category.

Louisville Magazine recently asked thousands of physicians in the Louisville area which surgeons they’d call on if they or a member of their family needed care.

In the hand surgery category, Norton Louisville Arm & Hand physicians took all five spots.

Amit Gupta, M.D., topped the list, followed by colleagues Ethan W. Blackburn, M.D.; Charity S. Burke, M.D.; Luke P. Robinson, M.D.; and David E. Tate Jr., M.D.

“This is a great honor, because Louisville has an internationally recognized tradition in hand surgery,” Dr. Gupta said. “I am very proud of my colleagues.”

The Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center was the first practice to perform a hand transplant in the United States. Dr. Gupta worked there for 16 years before starting his own practice in 2005, which now is Norton Louisville Arm & Hand.

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“I worked closely with Dr. (Harold) Kleinert, who was my teacher and mentor,” Dr. Gupta said. “It was a great privilege to be trained by such an amazing human being and surgeon.”

Norton Louisville Arm & Hand surgeon Russell A. Shatford, M.D., also came from the Kleinert Kutz Hand Care Center. Nine physicians make up Norton Louisville Arm & Hand.

“Eight of us do trauma, and Dr. Burke and myself see pediatric patients,” Dr. Gupta said.

Complex, life-changing hand surgery

Dr. Gupta has helped hundreds of patients of all ages, but the success story of one teenager really stands out. Gabriel Rock lost part of his left palm, thumb, index finger and long finger when a device exploded in his hand. Dr. Gupta helped him regain hand function through a dozen surgeries, from skin grafts to a six-hour transplant of Gabe’s second toe to his hand.

“We made a thumb using his toe. We connected the arteries, veins and tendons on both sides,” Dr. Gupta said.

It’s those complex, life-changing procedures that fuel the passion of Norton Louisville Arm & Hand doctors.

“We just look after people, that’s all,” Dr. Gupta said. “But we do it with empathy and kindness, and make sure we’re there for people when they need us — that’s what makes a good practice.”

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