What hardware and software do I need for a telehealth appointment with my Norton Healthcare provider?

A phone or computer with a camera and your free MyNortonChart account will get you started with telehealth.

If you are planning a telehealth appointment with your Norton Healthcare provider, whether  your primary care physician or specialist, there are a few steps to take to prepare, including checking your computer or mobile device’s camera and installing the correct software to keep your visit secure and confidential (please note, this article does not pertain to eCare visits, which you schedule yourself).

First, be sure to create a MyNortonChart account at NortonHealthcare.com/MyNortonChart, and download the MyChart app on your mobile device. If you are attempting to access an appointment for a dependent, be sure to set up proxy access within your MyNortonChart account at least 1-2 business days ahead of your appointment.

To ensure a smooth connection, complete the following tasks well in advance of your appointment:

From a computer

  • Make sure you have a webcam. It can be a webcam that’s built into a computer or a separate USB webcam.
  • Make sure you’re connecting with Internet Explorer 11 or newer.
  • Make sure you’ve installed Adobe Flash Player with the most recent updates.
  • Telehealth appointments will not function on Apple MAC or Samsung devices. If you are unable to connect using one device, use another if available.

From a mobile device (smartphone or tablet)

  • Download the MyChart app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Select Norton Healthcare/Norton Children’s from the list.
  • You must be within the MyChart app on a smartphone or tablet, not on your web browser.
  • Make sure your mobile device settings allow the MyChart app to access the microphone and camera for sound and video.

For the best connection, close your other applications. If you still have difficult connecting, we recommend switching from Wi-Fi to Data for better quality. Telehealth appointments will not function on Samsung phones. If you are unable to connect using one device, use another if available.

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After you’ve done these things, you should test that everything is working. Complete this test at least 10 minutes before your appointment start time.

  1. Log in to the MyChart app on your mobile device or your MyNortonChart account on your computer using your MyNortonChart username and password.
  2. Select Appointments, then select your upcoming appointment to test your connection and complete eCheck-in. If the visit is for your dependent, be sure that you have proxy access and select their profile before selecting Appointments.
  3. When you are ready, select Begin Visit up to 10 minutes prior to your visit time to connect with your provider. The provider will join the visit after you begin. Do not be alarmed if you wait a few moments for your provider to connect. The provider will call you if you are unable to join the visit. For visual instructions and more click here.

What are the technical requirements or equipment needs for a telehealth appointment?

A telehealth appointment requires a computer with a webcam or a mobile device with the MyChart app.

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Where can I go for additional support?

If you are having technical issues and are unable to connect at the appointed time, you will receive a phone call from your provider. Scheduling questions may be directed to your provider’s office. For more information about MyNortonChart, click here.

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