Who says running can’t be fun?

How's your race training going? Having fun yet? Here are some tips for shaking it up!

Are you having fun training yet? Hitting the pavement for a training run can get mundane. You can fall into a rut doing the same thing and running in the same places day after day.

Here are some tips to shake it up a bit and have a little fun:

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  • Run with a group or a partner. Fast or slow, most everyone likes company on their runs — especially the long ones. The miles go faster when you have someone to chat with or share a laugh along the way. 
  • Have a four-legged friend that needs some exercise? Bring your dog on your run. Be sure your dog is fit enough for your route and that there’s a place along the way to stop for a drink of water. You both need to stay hydrated. 
  • Make a new playlist. Music can help motivate you through the tougher miles, plus who doesn’t like to play “air drums” while running? Remember, if you are in a high-traffic area or running with a partner, keep the volume low or use only one earbud so you can hear your surroundings. 
  • Instead of music, listen to a podcast or an audiobook when your playlist starts getting stale. 
  • Change up your pace during your run. Open up your stride for a block and then bring it back for the next block. You’ll cover ground a bit faster, too. 
  • Leave your watch at home. Just run. You might concentrate a bit more on how your body is feeling and you might enjoy the scenery rather than checking on your distance and pace. 
  • Want to spend time with a friend who doesn’t run? Have them ride a bike to keep you company. Better yet, have them bring along a backpack with your nutrition and hydration needs. 
  • Run somewhere new. Go to another part of town. Run through a park you’ve only read about. Remember to be smart by mapping your route and taking safety precautions. 
  • Take a “selfie” every few miles and then post your best poses on social media when you’re done. It’s OK to let folks know about your progress. 
  • High-fives for everyone! Challenge yourself to high-five at least five strangers on your run. You’ll make someone smile and it will help take your mind off your miles.

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