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Norton Neuroscience Institute Cressman Neurological Rehabilitation is a proud grant recipient from the Parkinson Voice Project. This grant funding allows our clinic to provide comprehensive, research-driven resources, treatment and maintenance programs tailored for people with Parkinson’s disease, to improve function and quality of life.



SPEAK OUT! is a therapy program led by a trained speech-language pathologist for people with Parkinson’s disease. The program helps to improve speech and swallowing to the patient’s full potential and prevent decline. SPEAK OUT! consists of 12 sessions across four weeks.

For more information on SPEAK OUT!:

Call (502) 446-8520 or visit ParkinsonVoiceProject.org.

SPEAK OUT! is offered at Cressman Neurological Rehabilitation, either in person or virtually through telehealth with a trained speech-language pathologist. The program includes 12 treatment sessions lasting 45 minutes, scheduled two to three days per week. This program is covered by many insurance carriers. Check with your insurance provider to determine your copay or cost associated with these services.

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