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Attitude is everything

On Sept. 15, Give Local Louisville day, we shared 24 Hours of Courage on Facebook — a day highlighting the stories of courageous mothers, sons, husbands and friends who have fought or are currently fighting one of the most tragic diseases of our time — cancer. We’re now turning these stories of courage into tales…

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Kiss And Tell: Lynda’s Story

You may know her from her radio personality career, but Lynda Lambert is just like any of the one in eight women who will get breast cancer. She was standing in the parking lot of the market on a rainy March afternoon putting groceries in her car when she received the call from her doctor….

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Can a kiss save you from breast cancer?

Breast cancer affects one in eight women every year. But there is conflicting information about when women should first be screened with a mammogram. We want to set the record straight: Most organizations recommend annual clinical breast exams beginning at age 40. The Norton Healthcare Foundation and Norton Women’s Care have joined the Revlon “Love…

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