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Migraña vs. aneurisma: Las diferencias y los peligros

This post is also available in Englsh. Las personas pueden confundir un aneurisma con un dolor de cabeza tipo migraña, retrasando la atención médica y posiblemente llevando a un daño significativo. Es importante aprender las diferencias y qué hacer cuando los signos de un aneurisma están presentes. Si usted experimenta un dolor de cabeza severo…

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Uncle, nephew each survive strokes just weeks apart and get the same neurosurgeon

Duke Nichter is more a second dad to Paul Nichter than their true family relationship of uncle and nephew. For decades, they’ve enjoyed hunting, fishing and sharing life’s journey together. In early 2021, the two close relatives gained something else in common — they experienced potentially deadly strokes just three weeks apart. Both men also…

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New technology speeds stroke care, increases precision for brain surgery

Breakthrough imaging equipment in two new procedure rooms at Norton Brownsboro Hospital provides 3D pictures of the inside of the brain, giving neurosurgeons detailed, multi-angled views of blood vessels causing strokes and aneurysms. Using new biplane X-ray technology, Norton Neuroscience Institute specialists are better able to identify and analyze these diseases. The equipment, which provides…

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Aneurysm, Endovascular Neurosurgery, Migraine and Headaches, Neurosciences

Migraine vs. aneurysm: The differences and the dangers

People can mistake an aneurysm for a migraine headache, delaying care and possibly leading to significant harm. It is important to learn the differences and what to do when warning signs of an aneurysm are present. If you experience a severe headache (some describe it as the worst headache of their life) and it comes…

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Minimally invasive stroke treatment takes a new path

When most people think of aneurysm or stroke treatments, they imagine brain surgeons cutting into the skull. But in reality, surgeons usually stop these dangerous clots and bleeds by passing tiny tools through the femoral artery in the groin all the way up to the damaged area of the brain. But now doctors at Norton…

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New device is big advancement in brain aneurysm treatment

Norton Neuroscience Institute is offering a new treatment for brain aneurysms. According to Tom Yao, M.D., neurosurgeon with Norton Neuroscience Institute, the Woven EndoBridge (WEB) device was approved by the Food and Drug Administration recently. Norton Neuroscience Institute is one of the first two centers in Kentucky to offer the procedure. “The WEB device potentially…

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Comprehensive Stroke System offers the highest level of care when time matters

We’ve all heard “time is money” and “time heals all wounds.” What about this one? “Time lost is brain lost.” Treating a stroke quickly can mean the difference between recovery and irreversible brain damage, or even death, according to Bryan J. Eckerle, M.D., neurologist with Norton Neurology Services, and Tom L. Yao, M.D., endovascular neurosurgeon…

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