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CDC warning about fitness classes as Kentucky and Indiana gyms reopen

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has traced a COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea to dance workout classes.

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Norton Healthcare expands access to community COVID-19 testing

Norton Healthcare is pleased to begin providing COVID-19 testing to anyone in the community. This includes individuals who are required by their employer to be tested.

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Respuestas a preguntas comunes sobre la prueba COVID-19

Con una mayor disponibilidad de la prueba de PCR para el coronavirus que causa la COVID-19, aquí hay algunas respuestas a preguntas comunes.

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Compassionate care in a time of crisis

Two nurses stay bedside as a patient with COVID-19 passes away

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Answers to common questions about COVID-19 testing

With wider availability of the PCR test for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, here are some answers to common questions.

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More crazy, scary dreams? Welcome to coronavirus pandemic dreams

These are anxious times, and dreams help process anxiety. Some tips for dealing with coronavirus pandemic dreams

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How to put on and take off a face mask safely

Even if you feel fine, you could have COVID-19, and wearing a mask can prevent unknowingly spreading the disease to others.

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IT workers put home 3D printers to work making protective equipment

Jamie Copeland had only used his 3D printer to create knickknacks for his daughter. Now, he’s creating gear to protect health care workers.

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When comforting a patient means caring for a canine

Norton Audubon Hospital nurse’s compassion leads to rescue of patient’s senior dog: Thanks to Penny Manning, R.N., Duke the pug has a loving home while the patient has peace of mind about his four-legged family member.

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5 steps to get ready for your online medical appointment

Follow these steps to make sure you’re ready for a safe, secure, virtual visit with your health care provider.

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A special Easter for Jody Demling as he recovered from COVID-19

Jody went from receiving the sacrament of anointing the sick to breathing on his own during Holy Week. By the Wednesday after Easter, he was home from Norton Brownsboro Hospital and continuing his recovery.

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