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Innovative care to help make patients safer

Norton Healthcare is one of the first hospital systems in the country to manage patients’ cardiac devices remotely.

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Norton Healthcare names new leader of Norton Audubon Hospital

Randy Hamilton to serve as chief administrative officer

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Answers to questions Norton Cancer Institute patients may have about coronavirus

As a cancer patient or someone who has completed treatment, you may be at greater risk from the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

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Allergies or coronavirus?

How to tell the differences between allergies and COVID-19

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National coronavirus test processing backlog hits Louisville

Some are waiting up to 10 to 12 days for coronavirus test results as a national backlog affects Louisville.

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What has COVID-19 taught us about ‘getting sick’?

Focusing on strengthening our immune system will help us focus on finding something ‘upstream’ from the infection that could impact whether we get sick or can fight off the virus.

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Sunburn or sun poisoning: When is it time to seek treatment?

Symptoms of a severe sunburn, or sun poisoning, also can indicate heatstroke and should be taken seriously

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Breastfeeding and coronavirus: What you need to know

There isn’t enough experience with the coronavirus to know whether mothers can transmit it via breast milk, but available data suggests breastfeeding is not a likely source of transmission.

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Norton Healthcare expands COVID-19 experimental treatments

Norton Healthcare is the first in the world to enroll COVID-19 patients in three new clinical trials

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It’s not just a headache: What you need to know about migraines

Brian M. Plato, D.O., FAHS, Norton Neuroscience Institute neurologist board certified in headache medicine, answers some commonly asked questions about migraines.

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Norton eCare video visits now billable directly to insurance, including Medicaid

Get care for minor illnesses without leaving home with Norton eCare video visits.

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