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Athletic trainers take lead keeping athletes safer during COVID-19 pandemic

The 31 Norton Sports Health certified athletic trainers have helped athletes at high schools in Louisville and Southern Indiana prevent injuries, stay healthy and active and, most recently, establish COVID-19 protocols.

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If you’ve been putting off cancer screenings, here’s your guide to catching up

Delays of just a few months in detecting various forms of cancer can make treatment more difficult and reduce chances of survival.

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Norton Specialty Rehabilitation Center gets national certification for cancer rehab

Staff of St. Matthews rehab facility recognized with national certification

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Potential new Alzheimer’s drug shows promising results

Targets a form of plaque that accumulates in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s

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Let’s redeem the past year and make a new future

‘When will we get back to normal?’ While it’s a completely understandable question, I believe it’s not the best question for us to be asking.

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First Louisville COVID-19 patient reflects on the past year, thanks caregivers

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, Donn Adams arrived at the Norton Brownsboro Hospital emergency department, losing consciousness and unable to walk. A day later, he became the first COVID-19 case diagnosed in Jefferson County.

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What COVID-19 and the vaccines mean for cancer patients and survivors

Cancer patients may have a higher risk of severe COVID-19, and there’s no evidence that the vaccines are a risk.

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Generations of inspiration help health care worker rise to the COVID-19 challenge

Chandra Weathers was instrumental in setting up the Norton Clinical Command Center to adapt to a rapidly evolving situation across Norton Healthcare.

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You don’t need to choose between fast or accurate COVID-19 tests

Rapid PCR tests provide laboratory-quality results in minutes.

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Norton Healthcare expands vaccine waitlist

Norton Healthcare has opened COVID-19 vaccination registration for members of the Tier 1c group who are 18 and older and are essential workers or patients with chronic medical conditions, as defined by the CDC, that put them at highest risk for complications from COVID-19.

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Recognized expertise in TCAR to treat carotid artery blockages

Three Norton Healthcare hospitals have been recognized as centers of excellence for transcarotid artery revascularization (TCAR) treatment for carotid artery blockages.

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