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Cómo facilitar la preparación de la colonoscopia

La preparación para la colonoscopia no es algo que deba temerse, y planificarla con antelación le facilitará la tarea.

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First aid for a burn: Clean, cool water

Burn first aid begins with clean, cool water for all but the most serious burns. Adding ice directly to the burn could damage the skin more, while butter, egg white or vitamin E can introduce sources of infection and other contaminants.

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Volunteers and donors recognized for service and commitment

Volunteers have donated thousands of hours of their time and raised millions of dollars in support for the Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation and Norton Healthcare Foundation.

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Norton Healthcare celebrates grand opening of Institute for Health Equity

Institute now open in The Village @ West Jefferson, located in the Russell neighborhood

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How changing your diet can help reverse prediabetes

Losing weight and regular exercise are steps that you can take

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What you can do if you can’t afford your medication

If you can’t afford your medication, have a conversation with your doctor before stopping it or taking less than prescribed.

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What to expect: Your health at 50

Tips for staying healthy in your 50s

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Study of atrial fibrillation (A-fib) and alcohol shows chance of an episode increase dramatically within hours of drinking

The tie between A-fib and alcohol had shown longer-term effects, but this study showed drinking could trigger A-fib almost immediately.

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Annual physical reveals serious heart condition

Barry Barmore was feeling a little sluggish, but his annual checkup revealed much more.

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How long does norovirus live on surfaces?

Norovirus symptoms tend to pass after a few days, but the virus can live on surfaces — and sicken others — for up to two weeks. Here’s how to fight it.

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Genetic counseling for cancer goes virtual

Meet online with genetic counselors about your cancer diagnosis

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Norton Healthcare’s four adult-service hospitals once again nationally recognized with an ‘A’ for the fall 2021 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade

This is the fifth straight period all Norton Healthcare adult-service hospitals have received an ‘A’ grade

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