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Initiative builds new career opportunities for local construction workers at Norton West Louisville Hospital

Dreams are being built from the ground up at Norton West Louisville Hospital. The new hospital is taking shape at the corner of 28th Street and West Broadway, and lives are already being transformed through some of the construction work happening on the job site. Houston Briscoe is from West Louisville and grew up around…

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Bike to Beat Cancer, Bike to Beat Cancer Training, Employee stories - Norton Healthcare

Norton Healthcare employee and two-time cancer survivor shares the power of teamwork at Bike to Beat Cancer

When it comes to fighting cancer, Claudia Johnson knows the power of being surrounded by a good team. The physical therapist assistant at Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital beat cancer — twice — and knows how tough and scary the journey can be for anyone who is going through it. Now, it’s Claudia’s mission to…

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Scientific curiosity and passion for helping others

Najwan Al-Qashteeni came to the United States in 2012 from Baghdad, Iraq, with a veterinary background and an interest in health care. While perfecting her English, Najwan moved to Louisville, Kentucky, and took an environmental services job in health care with a goal to work in a lab. Persistent in her dreams, she landed a…

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Mother-daughter duo gets same spine surgery from same Norton Leatherman Spine surgeon

Susan Smith’s back pain started as a teenager. “I was 19, a sophomore in college,” Susan said. “I started having pain in my hip and couldn’t figure out what was causing it.” She bounced from doctor to doctor, looking for answers. Several months later, her right leg was paralyzed. She needed a MRI, which confirmed…

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30 years after first treatment, Norton Neuroscience Institute continues to provide care for patients with multiple sclerosis

It’s Friday morning at the Norton Neuroscience Institute Resource Center. The phones are ringing. Emails and referrals are coming in from physicians trying to connect their patients with the resources they need outside the doctor’s office. Patient navigators are meeting with patients, both newly diagnosed or in transition, providing help with the day-to-day challenges of…

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Breast Cancer, Breast Health, Cancer, Womens Health

Breast cancer survivor recalls journey to celebrate

Celebrating Oaks Day 2024 has taken on a new meaning for Rachel Trice, 34, of Madison, Indiana. Rachel will be among the 150 breast and ovarian cancer survivors to walk in the Kentucky Oaks Survivors Parade moments before the 150th running of the Longines Kentucky Oaks at historic Churchill Downs on Friday, May 3. Rewind…

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Norton Healthcare athletic trainers working hands-on at Kentucky Derby for first time

On May 4, 2024, Louisville will make history when it celebrates the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby. The glitz, glamour and tradition of the day will culminate in one two-minute race, as the 20 best 3-year-old thoroughbreds will enter the starting gate and run 1¼ miles, while millions from around the world watch with…

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Health Equity, Norton West Louisville Hospital

Purchase a brick and be part of history at Norton West Louisville Hospital

In early 2022, West Louisville learned it would become home to Norton West Louisville Hospital, the area’s first newly constructed hospital in more than 150 years. Located at 28th Street and Broadway, the hospital will be part of the Norton Healthcare Goodwill Opportunity Campus. Welcoming visitors to the hospital from the corner of 28th and Garland…

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Norton Childrens Medical Associates, Norton Community Medical Associates

Norton Healthcare, Norton Children’s expanding care in Bowling Green

Norton Healthcare and Norton Children’s are expanding services in Western Kentucky through the integration of a well-respected primary care practice in the Bowling Green community. The $1.2 million investment to integrate the former Bowling Green Internal Medicine & Pediatric Associates into Norton Children’s and Norton Healthcare offices allows for enhanced primary care, building on significant…

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Employee stories - Norton Healthcare, Norton Community Medical Associates

A doctor’s global journey to providing bilingual health care in Louisville

In 1995 I arrived in Louisville with my wife and two teenagers. I had $400 dollars to my name and a debt of $4,000 to a family member in Miami, Florida. I did not know the city at all. No relatives and no friends had ever lived in Kentucky. I was the only one able…

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New rooms give patients options for childbirth

Patients giving birth at Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital have another option for their experience in two newly renovated labor and delivery rooms. The two rooms offer a more home-like setting and will be ideal for a natural or midwife-assisted delivery, as well as for those who may be expecting the loss of their infant….

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Dementia, Memory, Neurosciences

Reducing your risk of dementia

As a person ages, changes often occur within the brain that may influence memory and other cognitive abilities. A large amount of research suggests that a healthy lifestyle and attention to common medical conditions may reduce the risk of developing more serious memory disorders like Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Scientists have speculated…

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