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PCOS and pregnancy: What to know

Trying but it’s not happening? It could be Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS. The condition is one of the most common causes of infertility.

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12 years and lots of biking raises more than $100,000 for Norton Cancer Institute

Raising all that money over the years “is something my kids, my wife and I are super proud of,” said Jeremy Sprecher, who is vice president of finance and operations for Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

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A repaired rotator cuff and a great experience

A customer service professional finds care and genuine concern after bike fall.

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Flu vaccines starting to arrive; Louisville-area providers expand hours to give shots

The flu vaccine typically stays in your system for about six months, so getting a shot in September or October should carry you through March, when flu cases typically taper off.

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¿Cuándo es la gripe una emergencia?

Los síntomas de la gripe o COVID-19 se superponen bastante; esté atento a situaciones de emergencia.

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Education, career opportunities and no tuition

Qualifying students of the Norton Healthcare-UPS Health Care Career Tracks program will work for UPS while taking courses at Jefferson Community and Technical College or the University of Louisville.

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Norton Healthcare announces $1.2 million commitment to Simmons College

Funds will support educational initiatives, facility improvements and internships

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The wait for coronavirus test results shortens to a few days

Norton Healthcare coronavirus test results are now being reported back in a few days, after Gov. Andy Beshear’s support freed up testing supplies and improved turnaround times.

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Daksha P. Mehta, M.D., has been providing rheumatology care in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, for more than two decades

Once she makes a diagnosis, Dr. Mehta works with each patient, addressing their concerns and coming up with an individual treatment plan.

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Adult vaccines: How to know if you’re protected

If you’re like many adults, your childhood immunization records never made it into your adult life. A primary care provider explains what you can do to determine if you’re protected.

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Marisela Cervantes rides in Bike to Beat Cancer for her wife, sister and a friend

Marisela is considering riding one of this year’s four marked routes in the Louisville area. Routes in Southern Indiana, Cherokee/Seneca Park, Middletown and East Louisville will allow riders to keep to their distance.

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