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Study shows younger African Americans sick with diseases that tend to affect older white people

Younger African Americans are more likely to have conditions like heart disease, stroke and diabetes that among white people tend not to show up until much later in life

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Norton Healthcare opens comprehensive neuroscience facility

48,000-square-foot facility allows for diagnosis, procedures and rehab all in one location

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Reaching those skeptical about COVID-19 vaccines

Doubts about vaccines in general and the speed of making the COVID-19 vaccines have some taking a cautious view.

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Norton Healthcare expands neuroscience, primary care with office in Bardstown

New facility offers in-person or virtual care, same-day appointments

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Celebrating cancer survivors and giving them a care plan for a long life

For cancer survivors, the transition from a life-threatening disease to a chronic, manageable illness has its own challenges.

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Riding to help other families avoid the heartache of losing someone to cancer

Willie Lawless got involved with Bike to Beat Cancer the way so many other riders do: Someone asked and it became personal.

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Norton Children’s Research Institute, affiliated with the UofL School of Medicine, to participate in COVID-19 investigational vaccine clinical trial for children ages 6 months to 11 years

The study will evaluate safety, tolerability and immune response in this age group. It is the only site in Louisville offering the trial and among 100 participating sites around the world.

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How to tell if you’re not drinking enough water

If you’re not drinking enough water, the Louisville area’s summer heat and humidity could cause issues with your body’s hydration.

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What is preeclampsia?

Every May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month. What is preeclampsia, and how do you know if you’re at risk?

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Can stress affect your period?

There are varying levels of stress in life, from bad days at work to losing a loved one. Can stress affect your period?

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When is memory loss more serious than normal aging?

Coming to terms with the possible onset of a more serious condition can be difficult.

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Is it a sprain or a break? Telling the difference can be tricky

Determining whether it’s a sprain versus a break when you twist your ankle, wrench a knee or put out your arm when falling can be difficult, as both can have overlapping symptoms, and sprains can hurt more than fractures.

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