Here’s how primary care, urgent care offices clean exam rooms and equipment

Norton Healthcare provider offices clean between each patient with disinfectant rated to kill the coronavirus.

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You’ve finished your health care provider visit, stepped off the exam table and left the practice. Behind you, office staff is using heavy-duty germicidal solutions and wiping down to get ready for the next patient.

While telehealth has created a popular way to get medical care from your primary care or urgent care provider, there are times when there’s no substitute for an in-person office visit.

Norton Healthcare primary care offices, Norton Immediate Care Centers and Norton Prompt Care at Walgreens locations are open during their normal hours and ready to address your health care needs in the safest way possible.

Disinfecting between each patient

Norton Healthcare provider offices will continue our already strict decontamination processes. Our locations clean between each patient with disinfectant rated to kill the coronavirus.

Hospital-grade germicidal bleach and alcohol wipes can kill germs within a minute of application — that’s faster than supermarket wipes. Plus, our providers have the supplies they need on hand to carry out the cleanings between patients, and they closely monitor inventory of equipment daily. COVID-19 patients and those suspected of having the virus are treated in separate areas.

Our checklist for disinfecting exam rooms between patients includes:

  • Exam table and frame
  • All chairs
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Scales, including infant weigh stations
  • Counter
  • Other high-touch surfaces and equipment such as blood-pressure cuff and finger pulse oximeter

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Keeping you and others safer

As part of our effort to keep you and others safer, we’ve implemented the following practices for office visits and medical center appointments.

  • All patients and staff will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering. Patients suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms are immediately isolated to reduce risk of exposure.
  • Providers and staff will wear personal protective equipment at all times.
  • All patients (and parents/guardians of pediatric patients) should arrive wearing a mask or cloth face covering from home. If you do not have one, one will be provided for you.
  • Patients may be asked to wait in their vehicles or outside the office and call or text the office before coming in.
  • Spacing within open waiting areas has been modified to allow safer social distancing.
  • After-visit summaries and next-appointment scheduling are available electronically to minimize contact.
  • Reserve your spot at a Norton Immediate Care Center Once you check in, you can wait in your car until the provider is ready for you.
  • Schedule an appointment online at Norton Prompt Care at Walgreens locations.
  • If you need a caregiver to accompany you at your visit, please contact your provider’s office for guidance.

Norton Telehealth

Norton Telehealth now has expanded offerings, and many appointments qualify for a telehealth visit. In addition to around-the-clock Norton eCare appointments for minor illnesses, you can schedule a telehealth appointment with your primary care or specialist provider. Visits are secure and billable to most insurance plans. If you aren’t sure you need an in-person visit, contact your provider about using Norton Telehealth.

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