How does telehealth work?

All you need to take advantage of telehealth’s convenience is a stable internet connection and a smartphone or computer with a webcam.

Many health care needs require your provider to touch you — listen to your heart, hit your knee with a rubber hammer to test your reflexes or look in your ears. But for other visits, where the care doesn’t need to be hands-on, telehealth can be a convenient option.

All you need is a stable internet connection and a smartphone or computer with a webcam.

The option is especially useful for patients who live far from their provider’s office, have difficulty getting around or are pressed for time. Because it can be more efficient, telehealth has made more appointments available for some specialties, such as headache medicine, that sometimes have more patients who need care than trained specialists available to provide it.

How telehealth works

With Norton Telehealth, there are three options: Adult primary and specialty care, pediatric primary and specialty care, and Norton eCare. Primary and specialty care visits are best through Norton Telehealth to visit with a health care provider you’ve seen before. For urgent care and minor illnesses, Norton eCare is available 24/7.

All three options allow you to connect through a secure video connection to visit face-to-face. Visits are conducted through MyNortonChart.

Norton Telehealth

With the ease of getting health care at home, visit with your personal provider or your child’s provider, or access online urgent care 24/7.

Norton Telehealth

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Norton Telehealth accepts most insurance plans. Primary and specialty care visits typically are reimbursed by insurers as conventional office visits, but check with your insurance provider to make sure.

Of course some parts of an office visit, such as collecting samples for lab testing, must be done in person. At Norton Healthcare, the system has added a drive-thru facility.

Norton Healthcare Express Services, at the corner of Breckenridge Lane and Taylorsville Road, offers drive-thru convenience for diagnostic testing, COVID-19 testing, vaccinations and lab work with a provider referral seven days a week.

Insurers typically cover telehealth services such as Norton eCare at the same rate as an office visit, but check with your insurance company.

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