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When to go to a Norton Immediate Care Center and when to go to an emergency room

Many people go to an emergency room without realizing they have other options for conditions that aren’t as serious.

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In sickness and in health

A cancer survivor shares how his wife’s insistence led to his diagnosis.

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Why the Christmas tree may be making you sneeze

Is a Christmas tree allergy making you sick? If mold spores make you sneeze, your living Christmas tree could be giving you symptoms.

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Wanda’s tale of triumph

Breast cancer survivor encourages others to celebrate life

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Father, son advancing heart care at Norton Heart & Vascular Institute

As interventional cardiologists, father and son restore blood flow for patients who have blockages caused by coronary artery disease.

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American Heart Association recognizes Norton Healthcare employee wellness program

For the fourth year in a row, Norton Healthcare has achieved top gold recognition in the American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index.

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Heart damage in college athletes after COVID-19 infection

Program aims to help student-athletes after COVID-19 recovery

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New technology speeds stroke care, increases precision for brain surgery

Norton Brownsboro Hospital is one of the first in the country to install equipment that provides 3D images of parts of the brain

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The other side of hope

The actions hope calls for may be hard, unsettling, upsetting and more before we are able to experience the results, which in turn become beautiful stories and images of inspiration.

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Norton Prompt Care at Walgreens offering at-home colon cancer tests

An at-home colon cancer test is less precise, but can catch a high percentage of colon cancer cases. Cologuard is available by prescription from health care providers at Norton Prompt Care at Walgreens clinics.

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Thousands of Top U.S. Hospitals Encourage Everyone to #MaskUp

Growing numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths are troubling; facemasks can slow the trend

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Can antibiotics make you sick?

Common side effects of antibiotics can include rash, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea and yeast infections.

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