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Integrative medicine and MS

Managing multiple sclerosis symptoms with a variety of treatments

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Employees step up to staff vaccine clinics

At Norton Healthcare, our vaccine clinic teams have led the charge by providing what often are described as “shots of hope.”

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Making the call

The results team was tasked with calling and sending followup letters to every person who tested positive for COVID-19 at our outpatient testing centers, including emergency departments, Norton Respiratory Illness Testing Centers and site-based testing events offered around the community.

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Chief nursing officer reflects on COVID-19 experience

More than a year after our first COVID-19 diagnosis, many staff have come to terms with the virus and its continued presence in our lives. As health care professionals, we know what to expect with COVID-19 and how to provide care for patients.

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Faith leaders support confidence, health

Norton Healthcare partnered with houses of worship once again to offer leadership, trust and confidence during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

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Taking steps to reverse a pandemic drinking habit

Health benefits and risks of cutting down on alcohol

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Chronic fatigue treatment starts by ruling out other causes of your symptoms

Treating chronic fatigue starts with getting the right diagnosis. About 90% of those with chronic fatigue aren’t diagnosed.

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Donations from the Norton Healthcare Foundation make Norton Neuroscience Institute expansion possible

New technology, more space and some creature comforts have updated neuroscience facility.

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The difference between emergency use authorization and FDA approval

With the widespread availability of COVID-19 vaccines in the months since EUA was granted, the available data on their safety, versus any risks, has ballooned.

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Lauren Jones: Seizures and brain fog

COVID-19 almost killed me, but instead it saved my life. It took me losing everything I thought was important, to find out what truly was.

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Chemotherapy impacted his heart, but a ventricular assist device keeps Bill Howard going

Bill has to take additional precautions in his daily routine, such as limiting the amount of water that gets near the VAD, checking his blood pressure and weight routinely, and monitoring his equipment.

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