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Recipe: Black bean cakes

Canned beans are an amazing start to endless dishes. Filled with protein and fiber, they are little nutrition powerhouses.

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Telehealth and ‘virtual hospital’ allow some spine surgery patients to go home sooner

Many patients are eager to be home and skip the often costly rehab stay. Norton Leatherman Spine innovations make it easier.

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Winner of 12 Days of MyNortonChart

In December 2019, around 2,000 people signed up for a free MyNortonChart account for themselves or as a proxy.

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Telehealth allows migraine and headache patients to get help faster

Telehealth offers the same level of care for headaches and migraines that you receive in an in-person doctor visit, while making it easier to get an appointment.

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What to expect and do if your due date is approaching

COVID-19 has upended lives. If you’re pregnant, you may wonder: Is it safe to give birth in a hospital? Is home birth an option? Here’s what you should know to stay safe.

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Where nursing meets faith

For the past decade, Elaine Caldwell, R.N., ONC, has been called to expand her nursing practice to include a volunteer faith community nursing role at St. Andrew United Church of Christ in Louisville.

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Norton Healthcare named to 2020 list of 100 Best Places to Work in IT

For the second year in a row, Norton Healthcare has been named seventh nationally — and the highest in Kentucky — among large organizations

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COVID-19 stresses present new challenges for athletes resuming their sports

One of the biggest changes facing these athletes, especially those on the college level, is the possibility of not having supporters and fans in the stands.

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Another urgent care option in Shelbyville

Norton Immediate Care Center – Shelbyville opens near the existing primary care and pediatrician practices in Governor’s Square shopping center.

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Recipe: Quinoa kale patties

Quinoa is an intact, nutritious, protein-packed grain and is used in cooking much like rice. It’s gluten-free and a good source of fiber. This recipe makes for a wonderful summer dinner and doubles as a great lunch the next day!

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Coronavirus y embarazo: lo que necesita saber

Si está embarazada, puede preguntarse cómo podría afectarle COVID-19 a usted y a su bebé. Obtenga respuesta a todas sus preguntas.

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Norton Healthcare announces five-step plan to address health care, racial inequalities

Norton Healthcare will invest an additional $20 million over five years to address health needs in underserved areas.

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