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Tips on social distancing fatigue: Give yourself some grace and understanding

How do you maintain a safe distance, stay healthy at home and still keep a level head? Monalisa M. Tailor, M.D., offers a few suggestions

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Coronavirus protections for retail and other workers interacting with the public

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued recommendations for protecting workers

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Norton Healthcare providing COVID-19 testing to all patients before admission or outpatient surgery

Testing is required for patients having surgery and select medical procedures.

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Cut It for COVID: St. X junior raising money to support caregivers

On May 1, Benjamin will shave his head in exchange for donations in support of Norton Healthcare workers. He will be accepting donations through May 8.

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Don’t ignore heart attack or stroke symptoms: Louisville-area emergency rooms are prepared

Norton Healthcare emergency departments are the safest place to be with heart attack or stroke symptoms.

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Norton Healthcare specialists using multiple COVID-19 treatments

Norton Healthcare specialists are researching a variety of experimental therapies as possible treatments for patients with COVID-19 and are the only physicians in the region offering four types of treatments.

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How long does coronavirus live on surfaces?

A few hours, but there’s a more dangerous source — the air

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All Norton Healthcare adult-service hospitals recognized again with A’s for safety

This national distinction recognizes the tremendous efforts of Norton Healthcare’s hospitals in protecting patients from harm and providing safe health care.

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Coronavirus and your heart health

Call 911 immediately if you think you are having a heart attack or stroke

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Norton Healthcare, Kentucky Blood Center working to get plasma to COVID-19 patients

Norton Healthcare and Kentucky Blood Center now have joined forces to increase convalescent plasma available to patients at Norton Healthcare and other hospitals in Louisville and beyond.

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Sick in bed with COVID-19? Here’s why you need to get up

A pulmonologist explains why walking, breathing deep and stretching help fight COVID-19

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Norton Healthcare removing COVID-19 emergency tents

Local trends suggest tents for emergency triage won’t be needed to handle any surge in COVID-19 patients

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