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Know your body and your headache symptoms, and understand there are specialists who can help

Primary headaches are their own condition and don’t appear to be triggered by something else. Secondary headaches can result from medication overuse, trauma to the head, sinus infections and other causes.

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After recovering from COVID-19, some get persistent, debilitating headaches

Headaches after COVID-19 can be persistent for some patients, and neurologists are finding some effective ways to address the debilitating pain.

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A mini stroke is a big deal — Its symptoms just don’t last as long as a stroke

Symptoms of mini strokes are the same as strokes, but may pass in a few minutes or hours — Quick treatment is still critical

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How long does it take to get results of blood tests?

What kinds of blood tests are there, and how long does it take to get my results?

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A 20-year volunteer in the fight against cancer has her own journey

Missy Farfsing knows firsthand the impact one can have through Bike to Beat Cancer. She encourages anyone who is thinking about riding or volunteering for the Bike to Beat Cancer to sign up and give the event a try.

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Celebrating service in our community

Sharon Workman is proud to create a culture of doing the right thing at work. She also takes this value home and passionately serves the community in her personal life.

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Giving back and paying it forward

How two local breast cancer survivors are helping their faith community.

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Why you need to keep protecting others after your COVID-19 vaccine

Once vaccinated, you still can spread the virus to others until enough people have been vaccinated that the coronavirus runs out of places to hide from the antibodies — so called herd immunity.

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Evolving cancer care in an evolving world

A Q&A with Norton Cancer Institute Physician-In-Chief Joseph M. Flynn, D.O., MPH, FACP

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Applying the skills learned in military service to health care marketing

Tom Heiser has little doubt that his experience serving in the U.S. Air Force in his early 20s has made a tremendous impact on the person he is today.

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New COVID-19 treatment helps patient recover and stay out of hospital

The FDA approval limits bamlanivimab to those at high risk of getting seriously ill or needing hospitalization due to COVID-19. That includes those 65 or over and those with certain chronic medical conditions.

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There are no warning signs of high blood pressure

The only reliable sign of high blood pressure is the data from a blood pressure cuff. There are no outward symptoms of high blood pressure, unless you are severely ill in need of emergency treatment.

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