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Vaccine brings hope for health care professionals

Vaccine is working for Norton Healthcare employees

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Military training helped chief nursing officer learn leadership, adaptability

Veterans like Regina Hymer underwent some of the best training in the world while in the military. This rigorous preparation readies servicemembers for combat and builds flexibility and resiliency to respond to any of life’s ‘what ifs.’

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Multiple sclerosis education videos available to stream

New videos will be updated periodically to provide practical information as you manage your multiple sclerosis symptoms.

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Riding for kids with cancer and a coworker in Bike to Beat Cancer

Almost every morning for the past two years Veronica Cook has hopped on her stationary bike and ridden for an hour. In 2019 and 2020, Veronica used her pedal power to ride with Bike to Beat Cancer as a spin and virtual rider.

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Children’s ER social worker and oncology nurse nominated as Black Achievers

A social worker at Norton Children’s Hospital’s emergency department and an oncology nurse at Norton Cancer Institute – Brownsboro have been nominated for the YMCA of Greater Louisville’s Black Achievers Awards to be celebrated Saturday, Feb. 27.

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Spouses and partners are beneficiaries of knee and hip replacements too, study finds

Hip or knee replacement surgery can have an unexpected benefit: Your partner’s quality of life.

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Getting a new knee doesn’t come with the costly hospital stay it used to

Knee replacement costs have come down in recent years as orthopedic surgeons develop more sophisticated techniques and use increasingly precise tools that can allow patients to go home the same day as their surgery.

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Shelbyville nurse practitioner in big football game commercial

Lecresha Sewell, APRN, was featured in a commercial promoting the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES), which is funded through the Kentucky Lottery.

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Helping broaden horizons and improve health in the Black community

Helping others live their healthiest lives possible has included a focus on improving access to health care in disadvantaged communities.

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African Americans at higher risk for colorectal cancers, but screenings lag

African Americans are 40% more likely than other groups to die from colon cancers.

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Unexpected health issues after pregnancy can have long-term consequences

Increased potential for life-threatening stroke, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes makes “fourth trimester” important.

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Cancer in the time of COVID-19: Checking your emotions

Loneliness is not specific to these times. We all feel in need of human contact. Be sure to reach out and touch those around you — even if it is from 6 feet away.

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