Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Pledge

The Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Department supports, advises and advocates for our patients and employees to create a more inclusive environment that aligns with Norton Healthcare’s mission, vision and values.

By focusing on psychological safety, intersectionality and diversity of thought, we strive to create an atmosphere where the authenticity of our patients and employees is welcomed, inclusive of each person’s: 

  • Creed
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • National origin
  • Race
  • Sexual orientation

Please review the Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Pledge outlined below. If you feel you can live out the requirements of this pledge, we encourage you to submit your name and AHSN to make your commitment official.

Read the Pledge

While the Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Department leads and amplifies the critical work of equity, as an employee of a leading health care organization serving adult and pediatric patients throughout Greater Louisville and beyond, I understand it is also the responsibility of everyemployee to commit to equitable values and practices. I recognize that harm in any form, including disrespect to and disregard for any individual, is out of line with the culture of Norton Healthcare and its expectations for employees.

As a Norton Healthcare employee, I embody an unwavering commitment to equity. My intention is that all those I serve and work alongside will receive great human interactions inclusive of their diverse experiences, histories and identities. To practice this, I pledge the following: 

  • I embrace lifelong learning of how I will serve a diverse and evolving world.
  • I humbly welcome accountability to develop my capacities, because I am still growing.
  • I exercise my skills and abilities to advance connection among those similar and different from myself, as connection is not restricted to those who are like me.
  • I cultivate justice and compassion for employees and those we serve. Although I may not understand someone, I do not assign value judgments to those I do not understand. 
  • I support others on this journey, and practice resourcefulness by contributing resources to help others thrive. 
  • I act when I learn of harm committed against another person. We can succeed only when we lead with respecting every person and promoting a culture of belonging.  
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