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How to prevent cervical cancer

Cervical cancer often can be prevented through regular screenings and vaccinations for children and young adults. According to the American Cancer Society, about 14,100 new cases of cervical cancer were diagnosed in 2022. Ways to help prevent cervical cancer The best steps that can be taken to prevent cervical cancer include the following: Vaccinations (the…

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Lesbians and bisexuals are at risk of HPV and delayed treatment for cervical cancer

Lesbians can get human papillomavirus (HPV), which can lead to cancer, and may be at higher risk because of historical health care barriers that may have caused reluctance to get preventive screenings. Making matters worse, much of the discussion around sexually transmitted infections (STIs) has focused on heterosexual couples. “Providers and patients alike need to…

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Here’s how cancer is detected and a guide to catching up

Perhaps you put off cancer screenings over the past few years. Delays of just a few months in detecting various forms of cancer can make treatment more difficult and reduce chances of survival. Here’s a guide to tests that can detect cancer and who should get checked when. Breast cancer Mammogram — an X-ray of…

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Making sure patients, physicians know about the advances in treating female cancers

Lynn Parker, M.D., gynecologic oncologist with Norton Cancer Institute, is on a mission. She’s doing whatever she can to spread the word: There’s a lot that can be done to prevent and treat female cancers. “What drives me is we can cure people; we can help people. What drives me every day is to see…

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Surgeon’s mission trip takes expertise in women’s surgery to Nicaragua

Each year, more than 200 women are able to see David L. Doering, M.D., for issues requiring surgery for gynecologic cancers. A “Master Surgeon” as designated by the Surgical Review Corp., Dr. Doering uses minimally invasive and robotic surgery techniques. In February, he’ll be taking his surgical expertise to women in Chinandega, Nicaragua. Access to…

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Women’s cancer facilities and specialized urgent care part of renovation

Renovations underway at Norton Cancer Institute – Downtown and nearby facilities will expand and relocate many cancer subspecialties. Completion is planned for February 2020, with two downtown campus locations getting a makeover. Norton Cancer Institute – Downtown (676 S. Floyd St.) New clinics will serve patients with urgent care needs related to cancer, hepatitis C…

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Beyond the Pap smear: What you need to know about new cervical cancer screening guidelines

A panel of government-appointed experts has updated its guidelines with new cervical cancer screening options for women ages 30 to 65. For women in this age group, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force now recommends three options: A test for high-risk strains of human papillomavirus  (hrHPV) every five years A Pap test (cervical cytology) every three…

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Women’s wellness exam: An annual check can catch cervical cancer

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month — a good time for a friendly reminder to schedule a women’s wellness exam. A wellness exam includes a pelvic exam, breast check, Pap smear and a mammogram, depending on your age. Getting your yearly screenings can help you stay healthy and possibly find cancer early — when treatment…

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