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When is chest pain not a heart attack? Symptoms of a heart attack can mimic other conditions

Most people are familiar with the typical way someone shows they are having a heart attack: gasping, clutching their chest and so on. Despite what’s depicted in movies and TV, sometimes chest pain is just chest pain. And sometimes a heart attack has very subtle symptoms. Here are five ways to tell the difference. Millions…

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Norton Healthcare receives seventh consecutive Chest Pain accreditation

Norton Healthcare’s adult-service hospitals in Louisville have all received Chest Pain Center accreditation from the American College of Cardiology (ACC). This is the seventh consecutive accreditation for all four hospitals, which ensures quality for the treatment of heart attack. Norton Audubon Hospital, Norton Brownsboro Hospital, and Norton Hospital all are recognized for ACC Chest Pain…

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Here’s information to have ready before you need emergency stroke or heart care

If you or someone you’re with is experience stroke or heart attack symptoms, call 911 right away. Paramedics can start delivering lifesaving treatment as soon as they arrive. If you are ill or are with someone who is, having medical emergency information ready beforehand can be critical. If you’d like to choose which hospital the ambulance takes…

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American Heart Association sets standards for heart attack care

If someone is having chest pain, it’s time to get to the best hospital for heart attack treatment. But aren’t all hospitals equipped to treat a heart attack? Yes, and getting treatment right away is the most important thing, so call 911. Some hospitals have better outcomes than others and are able to reach those…

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Time change and heart attacks: The good news

Daylight saving time gets blamed for as much as a 24% spike in heart attacks the Monday after we move clocks ahead in the spring. But does moving clocks back in the fall have the same effect? There’s good news. The same study that found the big increase in the spring heart attacks found the…

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UK HealthCare’s Gill Heart & Vascular Institute expands heart failure, transplant services in collaboration with Norton Heart & Vascular Institute

UK HealthCare (UKHC) and Norton Heart & Vascular Institute are announcing a collaboration to expand advanced heart failure, ventricular assist device (VAD) placement and heart transplant services to Kentuckians. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Kentucky, and the commonwealth has one of the highest rates of heart disease in the country. Norton…

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What heart patients need to know about COVID-19

For a heart patient, avoiding infection with COVID-19 and keeping in touch with your cardiologist can be critical. COVID-19 primarily attacks the lungs, but it can both directly and indirectly affect the heart as well. With less oxygen being processed by the lungs, the heart will need to pump harder to spread oxygen throughout the…

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Don’t ignore heart attack or stroke symptoms: Louisville-area emergency rooms are prepared

Esta publicación también está disponible en español. During a visit to the Norton Brownsboro Hospital emergency department one recent afternoon, a man was brought in two days after he first started noticing stroke symptoms. “He’s in the right place now,” a nurse said, reassuring the woman who dropped him off. He was wheeled to the…

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Scottsburg, Indiana, man credits speedy heart attack care for saving his life

When Jamie Lowry arrived at work at Westwood Golf Course early one fall morning six years ago, he was 43 years old and looking forward to the birth of his second child. His wife, Jennifer, was 8 1/2 months pregnant. A heart attack was not on the radar. Jamie was working on the Scottsburg, Indiana,…

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How I learned heart attacks in women are different

A lot is written about the differences between men and women. The battle of the sexes is a constant source of material for jokes to serious debate, and everything in between. As a married man for more than 30 years and the father of two adult daughters, I have witnessed these differences firsthand. Some are…

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Back pain can be a symptom of a heart attack, especially in women

Esta publicación también está disponible en español. Upper back pain can be a sign of a heart attack, especially in women. Maybe you spent a little extra time doing yardwork over the weekend, or perhaps you moved some furniture into storage. Now your back hurts. But could it be something else? Most of us know…

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New study supports move toward medication for heart blockages without symptoms

A new study supporting medications for patients with severe but stable heart disease is in line with other evidence suggesting many can hold off on minimally invasive procedures or open-heart surgery, according to a Louisville cardiologist. Lifestyle changes and medications such as statins for cholesterol, blood pressure medicine and aspirin can be just as effective…

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