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WWE superstar Al Snow chooses rare double knee replacement to relieve pain

Allen Sarven knows pain. But the pain that finally brought him to his knees was just that — knee pain. Also known to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans as Al Snow, he has been a professional wrestler for 41 years. His career has taken him across states and continents, entertaining millions and winning championship titles,…

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Open leg fractures like Tiger Woods’ can take months to heal

A broken leg like that suffered by Tiger Woods in his recent automobile crash can take several months to heal — and possibly longer since the compound fracture was in the lower leg and involved both the tibia and fibula as well as serious ankle injuries. The lower leg, especially with multiple bones affected, can…

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More hip replacement patients can recover at home quicker with the arrival of Carl Kure, D.O.

One of the first things Carl Kure, D.O., noticed about Louisvillians is how active they are. It’s “one of the things that made us fall in love with this city,” Dr. Kure said, referring to himself and his fiancée. “I hope to help more of them enjoy that lifestyle for as long as possible.” Dr….

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Norton Healthcare and LHC Group Inc. partner to provide quality home recovery programs

Everyone knows there’s no place like home. That’s especially true when recovering from illness or injury. Norton Healthcare and LHC Group Inc. announced recently the formation of a joint venture partnership – creating Norton Home Health – to enhance in-home health care services for patients in Louisville and across the region. The two organizations will…

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