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Where your phone goes, germs go

We know you do it. You take your cell into the bathroom with you. And it’s coming out with more than just a low battery.

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You’re all that and a bag of chips!

This weekend marks the start of swimsuit season. There’s no better time to embrace your body and love yourself.

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There’s sugar in THAT?!

How much added sugar is part of your child’s diet? Soon you’ll have an easier time finding out.

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I’m packing my bag!

Coming down the home stretch in her pregnancy, Megan shares her journey. Is she prepared?

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Think you can skip your pelvic exam?

Think again! You may not need a Pap every year, but that doesn’t mean you can skip an exam. This video explains why.

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5 more reasons to drink red wine

It’s National Wine Day, and we just learned it has even more health benefits than we thought. This deserves a toast!

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Calling an ambulance can save your life

Behind-the-scenes look at how calling 911 starts life-saving care when someone is having a stroke.

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A magic bullet against cancer?

New study of 1.4 million people finds exercise lowers overall cancer risk; significantly cuts risk of 13 cancer types.

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Why you may not be using sunscreen right

Learn the right ways to use sunscreen and protect your family’s skin with this easy-to-understand guide.

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Putting the BOOM back in baby boomer

Got postmenopausal spread? You’ve got to keep exercising in order to conquer it. Here’s how.

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Rub a little spice into your life!

Ramp up the flavor of your next grilled meal with this toasted fennel spice rub that offers unexpected health benefits.

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Ready for a soggy Bike to Work Day?

Friday, May 20, is the Mayor’s annual Bike to Work Day. Here’s 4 ways to stay safe on the roads.

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