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90 Days to a New Habit

Over a series of blogs, Elicia shares her journey to create new healthy habits while working, parenting, and attempting to be a good wife (not necessarily in that order).

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Peanut Butter Ball Recipe

A tasty, healthy dessert recipe everyone will love!

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A Pregnancy Journey

Over a series of blogs, Megan shares her pregnancy journey with baby No. 3.

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What’s your genetic legacy?

You have the power to change your heart health

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Lively Salsa Meatballs Recipe

A classic meatball dish with a twist

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4 healthy substitutes for your game day party

Try one of these tasty alternatives for your game day party this weekend.

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Heart and Soul

Finding purpose from heart disease

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Jill Brzezinski-Conley

Truly beautiful, truly a shining light

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Breastfeeding could save 800,000 babies

A recent study shows benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby.

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Keeping kids in the game

Elbow and shoulder injury prevention guidelines for youth baseball pitchers

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What I learned from my staph infection

Since being hospitalized for a staph infection earlier this year, I’ve been surprised to learn how many of my friends and colleagues have had a similar experience.

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