Financing weight loss surgery

You may be wondering what kind of costs you may expect for a medical weight management program or weight loss surgery. We can work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

Medical weight management program cost

Payment option Price
Initial 12-week session
If paid in full at time of first appointment (lab/EKG): 10 percent discount $787.50
Monthly installments Visit 1 (month 1 payment): $415
Visit 5 (month 2 payment): $275
Visit 10 (month 3 payment): $185

Meal replacements and any prescription medications are not included in these prices. As each person has different weight loss goals, each program is tailored for the individual. If meal replacements are suggested, the average price is $40 per week. If the physician orders any additional labs than those provided within the context of the program, those labs would be charged at an additional fee.

Financing for bariatric surgery


Many insurance policies include benefits for weight loss surgery once certain requirements are met. Norton Weight Management Services can assist patients in verifying benefits, but patients are expected to take an active, lead role in the process.


Patients who qualify for Medicare or Medicaid assistance have benefits related to weight loss surgery. These benefits have certain restrictions; members of our staff are experienced in assisting patients with eligibility.

Why Norton Weight Management Services?

Norton Weight Management Services is a resource for individuals who struggle with weight loss after having little or no success through traditional dieting or exercise. We offer the latest surgical and medical weight loss solutions, nutritional and behavioral counseling, personalized and group support, and ongoing follow-up care to help you succeed.
Our team is made up of fellowship-trained, board-certified surgeons who perform more than 500 procedures each year, nurses, dietitians and behavioral health specialists who are dedicated to patients’ lifelong health and success.
Norton Weight Management Services also has:

  • $300 lifetime, unlimited support (even before surgery)
  • A nurse navigator who will guide you during treatment and throughout the entire process
  • Medical Weight Management Program seminar offered online
  • No mandatory food or vitamins
  • Weekly seminars
  • Surgeons on call 24 hours a day

Start Your Journey With a Free Seminar

If you’re considering life-changing weight loss surgery, be sure to join us for a free informational session. A bariatric surgeon will help explore your options, answer any questions and see if we can help you start feeling and living your best.

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