Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery, also called weight loss surgery, is a life-changing decision. Norton Weight Management Services offers education and support so you can make an informed decision about the kind of weight loss procedure you may want.

Benefits of bariatric surgery

According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, there are many benefits of weight loss surgery.

  • Happier, healthier you – Significant weight loss from bariatric surgery brings more than just physical transformation. Studies have shown that self-esteem, work, social interactions and sexual function all improve. Disability, depression and anxiety are significantly reduced, all paving the way for a new you.
  • Improves or resolves related conditions – Weight loss surgery has proved to significantly improve diseases caused or worsened by obesity, including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep apnea, arthritis, asthma, acid reflux and more. It also has been shown to drastically reduce or even eliminate Type 2 diabetes.
  • Longer life – Several studies of severely obese people have found that those who have had weight loss surgery have a significantly lower risk of death than those who have not. The exceptionally low mortality rate truly is remarkable, considering that many patients affected by severe obesity are in poor health and have one or more life-threatening diseases at the time of their surgery.
  • Significant and lasting weight loss – By changing your gastrointestinal anatomy, certain procedures significantly reduce the amount of food you are able to consume, while also changing your intestinal hormones. These changes reduce hunger and increase your feeling of fullness. Studies show that more than 90 percent of weight loss surgery patients are able to maintain a long-term weight loss of 50 percent excess body weight or more when combined with dietary and lifestyle changes.

Many insurance companies offer coverage for weight loss surgery, although plans vary. Learn more about weight loss surgery costs and insurance coverage.

Risks of weight loss surgery

As with any major surgery, weight loss procedures carry risks. Our surgeons and support care team will carefully review all potential risks before your surgery. Generally, the risks associated with weight loss surgery are significantly less than the risks of remaining morbidly obese. The board-certified surgeons with Norton Weight Management Services often perform weight loss procedures laparoscopically, which can mean less pain, fewer complications and faster recovery after surgery.

Committing to a healthy change

Whichever weight loss procedure you choose, it’s important to remember that surgery is just the start of a lifelong commitment to wellness. Norton Weight Management Services will be with you throughout your weight loss journey — starting with education before your procedure to help you make and maintain important dietary and lifestyle changes. Following surgery, your team will closely monitor your progress and provide ongoing follow-up care. See our complete weight loss surgery checklist for success.

Bariatric surery procedures

There are several different weight loss surgery procedures — learn which may be a fit for you.

  • Gastric band surgery
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Intragastric balloon
  • Sleeve gastrectomy surgery

Why Norton Weight Management Services?

Norton Weight Management Services is a resource for individuals who struggle with weight loss after having little or no success through traditional dieting or exercise. We offer the latest surgical and medical weight loss solutions, nutritional and behavioral counseling, personalized and group support, and ongoing follow-up care to help you succeed.

Our team is made up of fellowship-trained, board-certified surgeons who perform more than 500 procedures each year, nurses, dietitians and behavioral health specialists who are dedicated to patients’ lifelong health and success.

Norton Weight Management also has:

  • $300 lifetime, unlimited support (even before surgery)
  • A nurse navigator is your guide during treatment and throughout the entire process
  • Medical Weight Management Program seminar offered online
  • No mandatory food or vitamins
  • Only program that offers seminars weekly
  • Surgeons on call 24 hours a day

Start your journey with a free seminar

If you’re considering life-changing weight loss surgery, be sure to join us for a free informational session. A bariatric surgeon will help explore your options, answer any questions and see if we can help you start feeling and living your best.

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