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Heart palpitations and dizziness could be a sign of ventricular tachycardia

Heart palpitation, or a rapid heartbeat, can bring on dizziness and even fainting and can be a symptom of a potentially serious heart condition. When the fast heart rate begins in the upper heart chambers, it is called supraventricular tachycardia (soop-rah-ven-TRICK’-yoo-lar TAK-ih-KAR-dee-ah), also known as SVT. When it starts in the lower chambers, it’s called…

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Women form lasting bond over shared heart transplant journeys

At age 30, Stephanie Deeley was diagnosed with familial cardiomyopathy — the same diagnosis that abruptly took the life of her father when he was just 31. Stephanie received a pacemaker and implanted defibrillator, and lived a full life until five years ago, when she began being shocked repeatedly by her defibrillator. “This is a…

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Chest pain can be a concerning symptom, but it isn’t always an emergency

Most people are familiar with the typical way someone shows they are having a heart attack: gasping, clutching their chest, and so on. Despite what may be depicted as a heart attack in movies or on TV, sometimes chest pain is just chest pain — with a harmless cause. However, sometimes pain in the chest…

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Cardiac ablation procedure can correct heart rhythm disorders

A normal heart rhythm is 60 to 100 beats per minute. If your heart is beating too fast, too slow or irregularly, you may have an arrhythmia. An abnormal heart rhythm doesn’t always require treatment. However, if the arrhythmia is causing significant symptoms or putting your health at risk, an electrophysiologist can help. One common…

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Holiday heart attack may be a real thing, but don’t blame the holidays

Statistically, more people experience a heart attack during the holidays. However, most cardiologists would agree the holidays don’t cause heart attacks. “Stretching from Thanksgiving to Christmas and even into the new year, there is about a 5% increase in heart attacks or emergency room visits due to heart-related concerns,” said Abdolreza Agahtehrani, M.D. , cardiologist…

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A STEMI is one of the most dangerous forms of heart attack — here’s what you need to know

When blood flow is partially blocked through one or more arteries to the heart, the heart muscle is damaged. This is a heart attack. But when the flow is blocked completely, damage happens much faster, and the condition is far more dangerous. The chances of recovery — and survival — lessen with every minute. This…

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How to exercise with heart failure

Heart failure and exercise: Strengthening your heart and safely combating heart failure Heart failure is a condition that means your heart can’t pump blood as well as it should. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 6.2 million American adults have heart failure. Heart failure was mentioned on the death certificates…

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How long you can live with heart failure depends on many factors — lifestyle, stage of the condition and more

If you are diagnosed with heart failure, your prognosis depends on many factors, including age, stage of heart failure, underlying conditions and strength of heart function. There are three types of heart failure, and the prognosis for all is similar. The good new is you can recover from heart failure. Heart failure does not mean…

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New Norton Heart & Vascular Institute opens on Norton Audubon Hospital campus

Norton Heart & Vascular Institute on the Norton Audubon Hospital campus now has new space that will bring together seven specialty services in one location. This includes the addition of electrophysiology (a test performed to assess the heart’s electrical activity for abnormal heartbeats). Norton Healthcare has invested $10 million to make this new outpatient cardiovascular…

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9 Early Signs of a Heart Attack

Early signs of a heart attack, or “beginnings,” occur in more than 50% of people who have a heart attack. If recognized in time, these early symptoms can be treated before the heart is damaged. “If you have early warning signs of a heart attack, don’t dismiss it — it’s a chance for you to…

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What is a good triglyceride number?

You may know blood pressure and cholesterol play a role in conditions like diabetes and heart disease, among others. But do you know how triglycerides fit in and whether you should have high triglycerides or low triglyceride levels? What are triglycerides? When you eat, your body turns excess calories, alcohol or sugar into triglycerides and…

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When to worry about breathing issues during pregnancy — what to watch for and what it might mean

Being a little short of breath is normal during pregnancy, especially in the later months. As the body prepares for baby, hormonal shifts, crowded organs and anemia all can contribute to this breathlessness. However, there are some conditions you should be aware of during pregnancy. Here are some more facts to consider: Heart disease (also…

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