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Trigger finger treatment without surgery

A temporary sticking or popping in any finger or thumb when you bend the finger — trigger finger — can be treated without surgery, but in some cases an outpatient procedure may be needed to free the inflamed tendon causing the condition. Trigger finger treatment can range from rest to surgery, depending on the severity…

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Lifelong Cardinals fan and orthopedic surgeon cares for the women’s basketball team

Samuel Carter, M.D., has always rooted for University of Louisville basketball. This season, as the orthopedic surgeon to the women’s team, he’s had a front row seat. The women’s basketball team has been among the top in the country and will compete in the 2020 ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Cardinals…

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More hip replacement patients can recover at home quicker with the arrival of Carl Kure, D.O.

One of the first things Carl Kure, D.O., noticed about Louisvillians is how active they are. It’s “one of the things that made us fall in love with this city,” Dr. Kure said, referring to himself and his fiancée. “I hope to help more of them enjoy that lifestyle for as long as possible.” Dr….

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Sports medicine was always the plan for University of Louisville football’s head team physician

Chad Smith M.D.’s love of sports led him to become an orthopedic surgeon. His love for Louisville brought him to Louisville’s leading provider of orthopedic care after advanced training in sports medicine. With Norton Healthcare teaming with the Louisville Cardinals as their official health care provider, Dr. Smith is also the head team physician for…

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Nonopioid alternatives to pain management

If you’ve had surgery or a serious injury, you likely were prescribed a short course of narcotic painkillers, or opioids. With the opioid addiction epidemic, physicians are taking a closer look at alternative pain management. “Research shows there are some short-term benefits in certain situations, but there have never been any studies showing the long-term…

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Norton Healthcare and LHC Group Inc. partner to provide quality home recovery programs

Everyone knows there’s no place like home. That’s especially true when recovering from illness or injury. Norton Healthcare and LHC Group Inc. announced recently the formation of a joint venture partnership – creating Norton Home Health – to enhance in-home health care services for patients in Louisville and across the region. The two organizations will…

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That fabulous handbag may be causing pain and damage to your body

You have a thing for bags. The bigger the better, right? Sure, a big, fabulous bag might be able to hold everything you want to carry with you, but all that extra baggage is doing a number on your body. Take a look at how large bags cause unwanted damage — and what you can…

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The Schroth method: Noninvasive treatment for scoliosis gaining popularity in the US

Scoliosis affects about 7 million people in the U.S. People with scoliosis have an abnormal curve in their spine, which can vary in severity. For those who need treatment, options range from physical therapy, such as the Schroth method, to bracing and spine surgery. The Schroth method for nonsurgical scoliosis treatment  The Schroth method is…

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From injured athlete to sports medicine doctor

For a self-described “nerd who loves sports,” it’s no surprise that Nyagon G. Duany, M.D., has built a successful career in sports medicine and orthopedic surgery in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Her specialties with Norton Orthopedic Institute combine her passion for problem-solving with the dexterity and precision she developed as an athlete. Plus, she couldn’t…

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Tiger Woods’ back surgery explained

Tiger Woods’ back surgery – anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) surgery – performed just less than two years before his comeback victory in the 2019 Masters is a less invasive way to repair the lowest disc in the spine at the pelvis. Tiger had three previous surgeries to relieve pain in the very bottom of…

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Norton Orthopedic Institute uses sensors to increase precision in complex knee surgeries

Advances in joint replacement have greatly improved the precision of the surgeon’s work, speeding recovery and reducing time in the hospital. But if the patient’s knee is scarred from prior surgery, atypical since birth or even damaged by injury, the sophisticated tools that help guide the surgeon haven’t been of much use. Until now. An…

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The 1 place at home where you need to pay more attention

It can feel like a scary world out there, with potential danger lurking around every corner. You may be diligent and on guard for hazards when you leave your home, but you could be missing one of the worst offenders right in your own home. The last step. That’s right, the step just before your…

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