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I’m not the same person after my stroke

You wouldn’t look at Robert Taylor and think he survived a stroke. The 56-year-old is a poster child for good health. He ran the Boston Marathon, completed three Ironman competitions — including the national championship — in one year, and has participated in countless triathlons. Even a random 100-mile bike ride on a Saturday morning…

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Kentucky Derby Marathon Training, Sports Health

Taper training before race day

If you are running the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon or Marathon, a few weeks before the race is the time to start thinking about tapering. Part of most training plans, tapering gives your body time to rest, refuel and recover so you can be race ready. During tapering, mileage is reduced and rest days increased….

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Athletic trainers take lead keeping athletes safer during COVID-19 pandemic

Athletic trainers have taken the lead helping keep athletes safer during the COVID-19 pandemic, getting them back to competition while keeping them safer from infection. The 31 Norton Sports Health certified athletic trainers have helped athletes at high schools in Louisville and Southern Indiana prevent injuries, stay healthy and active and most recently, establish COVID-19…

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An athlete’s recovery from concussion follows a step-by-step process

The typical time it takes an athlete to heal from a concussion ranges from two to six weeks and follows an evaluation at each step before the athlete is approved to return to play, according to Tad D. Seifert, M.D., director of the Norton Neuroscience Institute Sports Neurology Center. The entire process can take as…

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Heart, Sports Health

Heart damage in college athletes after COVID-19 infection

A collaboration between Norton Healthcare, the University of Louisville and Bellarmine University aims to evaluate student-athletes for heart damage after having the COVID-19 virus. Norton Healthcare is uniquely positioned to facilitate this partnership: Norton Sports Health is the official health care provider of the Louisville Cardinals and the official sports health provider for Bellarmine University…

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With repaired shoulder, St. X quarterback feels ‘brand-new’

St. Xavier High School quarterback Jack Sivori can’t pinpoint the day he injured his shoulder. But as the 2019 football season progressed, throwing became more and more painful. “I couldn’t throw as hard, and I started throwing weird because of the pain,” the 17-year-old junior said. “I would put my arm over my head and…

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With reconstructed knee, Louisville goalie returns to the pitch with confidence and plans for college

Soccer is a big part of Gregory “Trey” Murphy’s life. Trey is a goalie, and he plays on both a high school team and a travel team. Soccer came to a sudden and painful halt for Trey in March 2019. In warmups, Trey went to step one way but his leg got caught under him,…

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A repaired rotator cuff and a great experience

Riding his bike on a trail, Dan Lillpop tried to turn around in tall grass. The bike stopped and Dan fell. The 65-year-old braced himself with his left arm, tearing the rotator cuff in his shoulder when he hit the ground. After a trip to the emergency room, X-rays, and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)…

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Fort Knox area gets easier access to military veteran sports medicine physician

When sports medicine physician Scotty Newcomer, D.O., was offered a chance to treat soldiers from Fort Knox, he jumped at it. “I said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it,’” Dr. Newcomer said. Dr. Newcomer, an Air Force veteran who served six years active duty and four years in the Reserve, is a nonsurgical orthopedics and sports medicine…

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Prevention and Wellness, Sports Health

Thinking of going back to the gym? Ask these questions first

Working from home, staying safe at home or just not moving much? If you’re ready to start or resume a fitness routine, there are plenty of new considerations such as whether you need to wear a mask at the gym and what precautions the fitness center has adopted to curb the spread of the coronavirus….

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Sports Health

Mental performance specialist Vanessa Shannon, Ph.D., on overcoming disruptions

Vanessa Shannon, Ph.D., is more than a captivating and insightful mental performance specialist. She is also one of those rare people who can see everyone’s side on an issue, speak truth to you in a compassionate way, and provide advice in a way that still allows you to make your own decisions. Dr. Shannon is…

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COVID19, Sports Health

COVID-19 stresses present new challenges for athletes resuming their sports

Athletes of all ages are coming back to their sports. And while they are getting back into game shape physically, there are many mental and emotional hurdles athletes face with COVID-19 still looming. “In theory this break could have been good for the athletes, physically,” said Vanessa Shannon, Ph.D., Director of Mental Performance for Norton…

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